Sahyadrians at IV Science Conclave

DAY - 1


Our Chairman, Mr. Manjunath Bhandary and Secretary, Mrs. Prasanna Bhandary have been awarded a silver lining to attend the 4th Science Conclave at IIIT, Allahabad.  

The first day of the seven-day `Fourth Science Conclave' underway at Allahabad began with a key message by Mr. M. D. Tiwari , Director of IIIT, Allahabad on the benefits and objectives of the Science Conclave and urged the participants to make use of this opportunity to interact with Nobel Laureates and Eminent Scientists to discuss about the future of scientific research. This was followed by a message from Prof. Robert C Richardson, Noble prize winner for his discovery of Super fluid Helium-3; about the need of science and research for resolving problems.

To facilitate interactions with Nobel Scientists, the first session was chaired by Prof. Satish Tripathi, and Co-Chaired by Prof. Douglas Currie and the following Nobel Laureates and Eminent Scientists enlightened the participants about their research.

Prof. Robert C Richardson, Cornell University, Ithaca addressed the gathering on `Low Temperature Physics', Prof. Douglas Currie, NASA, LUNAR SCIENCE Institute on` Lunar Laser Ranging', Prof. Satish Tripathi, on `Data Mining' , Prof. Govind Swaroop, on `Radio Waves' and Prof. B. Sarkar on 'Biochemistry'. The participants interacted with Nobel Laureates and Eminent Scientists.

DAY - 2

The second day of the IV Science Conclave underway at IIIT-Allahabad was chaired by Dr. D.V Singh and Co-chaired by Prof. Gaponenko. The following Nobel Laureates and Eminent Scientists enlightened the participants about their research: Prof. Ing Matthias Kleiner, President, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Germany spoke on DFG - The German Research Foundation. Prof. Alex Gaponenko, Kolozov Institute of Development Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow spoke on Biotechnology. Second session in the morning of the second day was chaired by Justice Tandon and Co Chaired by Prof. Satya Prakash and followed by lectures by Nobel laureates and eminent scientists. Mr. Vasu of Wipro spoke on "Evolution of Electronic product developments. Prof.D.V.Singh, Former Director IIT Roorkee on Fluid Mechanics, Prof. N.K.Gupta, Mercator Guest Professor, Lehrstuhl und instiut fur leichtbau, Aachen, Germany on applied mechanics. The afternoon session comprised the conclave interaction session, where participants interacted with Nobel laureates and eminent scientists. The second day ended with a formal inauguration of the IV Science Conclave in the evening.

DAY - 3 & 4

With the objective of inspiring, motivating, and giving thrust to science education, research and development, the IV Science Conclave is providing an opportunity to every participant to interact and adopt numerous skills from the Nobel laureates and other eminent personalities. On the third day the first session was chaired by Dr. Pramodh Rasthogi and co-chaired by N.K. Gupta. Following this, the Nobel laureates and eminent scientists enlightened the participants about their research. Prof. Alexi Khokhlov spoke about Nanotechnology, and Prof. Helmut Neunzert focused on the field of Mathematics. The second session was chaired by Prof. Helmut Neunzert and co-chaired by Prof. Pramodh Rasthogi and was followed by the lectures by Nobel laureates and eminent scientist such as Prof. Joseph Sifakis who gave his talk on "From programs to system modeling", Mr. Harish C Joshi elaborated on Cell Biology followed by an interactive session with the Nobel laureates. The first session of the fourth day of IV Science Conclave was chaired by Dr. Govind Swaroop and co- chaired by Prof. Harish C Joshi. Following this, the Nobel laureates and eminent scientist enlightened the participants about their research. Speakers such as Prof. Joseph Sifakis, who spoke on 'From programs to System Modeling', Prof. Hartmut Michel delivered his lecture on 'Membrane Protein'. The second session was chaired by Prof. Rositsa Bateson and this was followed by the lectures by Nobel laureates and eminent scientists such as Prof. Satya Prakash, who focused on 'Biochemistry', Prof. Padmanaban on 'Understanding Gravity', Prof. Satish Chandra spoke on 'Unified Communication' and Prof. Satya P. Chauhan on 'Conservation of Water'. In the later sessions, the participants had informative and fruitful interactions with the Nobel laureates and proficient scientists.

DAY - 5

On the fifth day of the IV Science Conclave, the panel discussions were held. The first session was chaired by Prof. Anish Arora, leader of a research group on Dependable Distributed and Networked Systems. His discussion was based on 'Excellence in Education'. The Panel consisted Prof. Robert Richardson, Prof. Hartmut Michel, Prof. Alexei Khokhlov, Prof. Anish Arora, Prof. Govind Swarup, Prof. Narlikar and Prof. Radhakrishna. This discussion was a platform wherein the Nobel laureates and renowned scientists and professors from around the world expressed their views, thoughts and experiences about how to improve the excellence in education and what are the current issues in education system in India and around the world and about the necessary actions and steps to be taken with regard to the improvement of the quality of education. In the following session, Noble laureates and distinguished scientists and professors gave lectures on their research area, university and organizations. The speakers of the sessions were Prof. Elena Polyakova, Researcher, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, gave a lecture on 'Method of micro seismic sounding', Prof. Hari S. Sharma, Department of Pathology VUmc, Cardiovascular Research Institute, University of Medical Center, Amsterdam spoke on 'Role of Blood Vessels in the heart and Lung Diseases', Prof. Rose Bateson, Strategy and Operation Lead, University Project, Jakarta, Indonesia, who gave a lecture on 'Re-Thinking : The Future of (Higher) Education'. All these sessions gave immense depth of knowledge to all the participants.

DAY - 6

In the first session of the sixth of the seven days of Science Conclave, a series of lectures by Noble laureates, distinguished scientists and professors was held under the co-ordination of Chairperson Prof. Ramjee Prasad and Co-Chairperson Prof. S.K. Srivathasava. Prof. Alexi Khokhlov spoke on 'Polymers', Prof. J.V. Narlikar gave a lecture on 'Cosmic Illusions', Prof. A.K. Bakshi, Vice- Chancellor, Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad elaborated on 'How to Excel in Chemistry' and Prof. Ramjee Prasad, a distinguished educator and researcher in the field of Wireless Information and multi-media communications, delivered a talk on 'Wireless Technology: A friend or a Foe?'. The second session gave an opportunity for the participants of Science Conclave from different parts of India to demonstrate their science and research projects and their presentation encouraged the other participants about the importance of science and research and that of resolving currently untracked problems of the world for creating a better space for the future generation. The first session of the seventh day was chaired by Prof. A.K. Bakshi and Nobel laureates and well known scientists; professors gave lectures on various topics. Prof. Robert Richardson spoke on 'Applications of Super fluid helium 3', Prof. Anish Arora on 'Wireless sensor network in science education', Prof. Paolo Di Nardo, Director, Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Cardiology at the University of Rome Tor Vergata delivered a lecture on 'Cardiology'. In the second session, the participants of science conclave demonstrated their science and research projects. Sixth day ended with Closing Ceremony and prize distribution for best selected model in the exhibition.