English Department

The importance of English both as an international language and as a link language is widely accepted. Effective communication skill in English is an integral part of Soft Skills that is considered to be of crucial importance to achieve success in one's personal and professional life. As it is considered as the window to the world of knowledge, the students are required to be equipped with fairly good command over English in different language skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing in order to excel in their academics and be better employable in today's world of cut-throat competition.

Objectives of our department are :-

  • To teach the prescribed English text to the students of the college with a special focus on improving their language proficiency.

  • To enable the students to overcome inhibition by training them in communication skills using the latest tools of English Language Teaching.

  • To Train the students in presentation skills

  • To Train the students in Group Discussion and Personal Interviews

  • To train the students in writing effective resume, reports and other forms of written communication useful to the students.