Though the academic performance is important, the academic excellence is just not enough to make a student ‘placement – ready’. The College has stringently implemented Soft – skills training to all students in each semester of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year.  Soft skills include communication skills, confidence building, leadership, Resume writing, interpersonal skills, stress management, etiquette, corporate culture, English, Time Management, Positive Thinking, Grooming and so on.
This rigorous soft skill or Interpersonal skills training equips students with skills that help them face any challenging prospect in their future work life, apart from their technical excellence.
Mr. Chethan Ram and Ms. Parimala from Bangalore conducted an orientation on personality development for 3 days to all the first year students of Engineering. How to think differently from the usual pattern of life, how to be creative and methods to build confidence in oneself were the major areas covered by the resource persons.
• Various Soft Skill training sessions were conducted by our in-house expert trainers for all sections of engineering students on various topics. Regular soft skill classes to every section were conducted.