Faculty Development Programs

As part of academic enrichment of faculty, a three-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) was organized from 17th to 20th January, 2012. On this occasion various activities were organized for the holistic development of the individual.  The Director, Principal, Dean – Academics and Examination section in charge addressed the faculty and gave the model on how to set the question papers for the internal exams. Mr. Suresh, newly joined faculty of CS department shared his vast industrial experiences with the faculty members.
Mr. Ashok Mathka, the Ex Head of the MDPDS (Mechanical Design & Prototype Development Sector) of BARC (Baba Atomic Research Centre), Tarapur graced Sahyadri with his presence. He addressed the faculty on the “Role of Education and Dealing with Young Minds”.  In his talk, he focused on the aspect of faculty shaping young minds and how a student is able to face the challenges of his/her job in the real world.  Faculty should focus on both the aspects equally i.e. academics as well as how the student is able to play his role in society effectively. He stressed that a spirit of innovation is to be nurtured.  He congratulated the faculty and said that “you are highly placed and should take pride in your Institution”.  He admired the facilities provided and the growth of the Institution in a short span of 5 years.  Ultimately, it is up to each one to work for the good of society and it is our minds only that will give the solution to any problems. “This is the real test of being indigenous” he said.

A three-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) concluded with the address of the Chairman.