Sahyadrians at 3rd Annual Enterprise & IT Architecture Excellence Award Global Summit

The Chairman, Mr. Manjunath Bhandary, with Faculty Members and Students had the privilege of attending the global summit on Enterprise and IT Architecture in Bangalore.  It provided an opportunity to the designers, architects, managers, CIOs and CTOs to share knowledge of innovative IT architecture which represents the next generation of practice. The two day summit featured 21 case studies from 15 countries. The 3rd Annual Enterprise & IT Architecture Excellence Award had Companies from 27 countries walk home with Global Awards for Architecture Excellence amidst fanfare at the Architecture Excellence Awards 2012 organized by iCMG.

The Chairman was given the honour of giving away the award to the winner Mr.  Jugal Choudhary, Director, MWH Global, for 'Best Green Architecture' on behalf of MWH Global during Architecture Excellence Awards Night 2012.  The team from Sahyadri had a unique opportunity to witness and interact with global leaders in the field of Enterprise and IT Architecture.