MoU with Technophilia Systems, Mumbai

Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with

Technopha - Technophilia Systems, Mumbai for Academic and Entrepreneurial support in the area of Embedded Systems Technology and Robotics on 14 Jun 2011.

Overview of MoU

  • To meet the Industry standards and to make the Sahyadri Engineering students ready for industry in embedded System Design and Robotics, the initiative is taken to train them through many activities in this MoU.This wil also enhance the employability of the students.
  • The MoU will support the academic and entrepreneurial requirements of the students of Sahyadri College of engineering & Management.

Salient Points of MoU and Rights of Sahyadri

  • Sahyadri will have the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) on all source code developed for the Embedded System/Equipment/Boards whether commercialized or not.
  • Patents/Copyrights and Trademarks shall be jointly owned by the two parties for any products/System/Equipmentn/Boards developed by mutual efforts under this MoU.

Benefits of MoU for Sahyadri Students, Faculty & Institution

  • Training of students and faculty of Sahyadri, at Sahyadri on Embedded Systems and Robotics to be extended to Computer Application
  • Development of Application Software by Sahyadri Students/Faculty with Assistence of Technophilia.
  • Value added courses shall be offered to the Sahyadrians or Others on different Industry Oriented Subjects.
  • Technophilia will assist UG Final year/PG students for their projects and conduct training programs under mutually agreed conditions.
  • Technophilia will assist in setting up Labs/Research facility in Sahyadri.
  • Development of commercially viable Embedded board/system/equipment on mutually agreed terms of payment or through student projects.
  • Joint participation in commercialization of the products developed cide above on venture capital/profit sharing of 65:35 for Sahyadri and Technophilia.