Events & Activities :

MCA department organizes regular seminars and symposia including the participation of professors and professionals from all leading academic institutions and industries, which provide a platform for interaction, innovation and initiation of the students to enhance their arena of knowledge in order to keep pace with the current IT trend.

Project Assignments and seminars by eminent scholars and executives help the students to acquire pragmatic knowledge about technical know-how. Students interact continuously with reputed industries like IBM, Intel, Honeywell, INFOSYS, Oracle, SLK software, Mindtree, Accenture. and other such institutes.

Various in-house software development applications has been developed by the department for implementing in different wings of the institution.

The institute conducts Corporate-Training programs based on the specific equipments of individual organization. These programs are either held on campus or at a place chosen by the client organization.

Every semester some technical programs and fest will be organized for the students to expose the hidden talent of the students. There is a dedicated department called “Art and culture” who are highly professional in conducting such kind of events. Students will be coached in various sports activities to take part in university sports events.