Class Rooms :

The Sahyadri College Of Engineering and Management believes in "The right facility for the right job". The students are provided with the best of facilities, whether it is class room, hostel, playground etc. The institute has provided posh executive class rooms with the latest teaching aids like LCD, OHP and other Audio visual equipments to impart the knowledge in the best possible manner.

Interwrite Interactive Classroom: Interwrite Board is being installed in all the classroom at The Sahyadri College Of Engineering and Management . This is being installed by Interwrite Learning inc., a US based company, which is a premier global provider of interactive learning solutions for primary, secondary and higher education markets. Interwrite Board, Pad and Panel all come with Interwrite Software, a robust software package that includes thousands of images and resources to create dynamic and exciting lessons in an interactive learning environment. Interwrite PRS, available in infrared, radio-frequency and "virtual" software configurations, is a powerful student response system that combines interaction and assessment to enhance classroom productivity and improve student results.

Teaching Aids The Management of Sahyadri College Of Engineering and Management has taken all the care to procure all the necessary teaching aids including the models for various topics to make the class room really enjoyable . Students can actually see and understand the topics being taught in the class through various models.