Library :


    The Central Library and digital library are equipped with state-of-the art furniture and facilities. The multi-storey college library with an area of 1050 having total seating capacity of 500 students with the courtyard in the middle provides natural light and ventilation, creates a conducive study atmosphere for the students.

The Library being the most important part of the education system is the hub of all the activities in the campus. Much care is taken to provide the best of the best facilities in the Library to motivate the students and the faculty members to make use of the facilities. The library is equipped with books from all branches of engineering, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Hand books, Data books, catalogues, ISI specifications etc.

Sahyadri College Of Engineering and Management library also adopts an open access system and maintains author, title, subject and series catalogues to provide multiple accesses to the stack. Audio Visual facilities, photo copying facilities, book bank facilities etc are also in place.


   Library serves as a resource centre and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of document's useful for faculty and students of the institute and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge


  • aims to be best among engineering college libraries in the country.
  • intends to incorporate the latest technology and adopt user friendly approach towards students and faculty.
  • intends to offer comprehensive services related to dissemination of knowledge.

Developing Institution Publications:

It has a document collection of 12,000 volumes of reference books, textbooks, Encyclopaedia's, handbooks, dictionaries and non-book formats like CD's. Library subscribes 600 technical journals of national and international reputation which cater to the needs of the students, staff and research fellows.

Digital Library:

  • On-line access to digital Library of IEEE/ACM full portal ASME, (ELSIVIEAR) science direct etc.
  • BITES (E-Library) Online Access to E-Books

Library Automation:

  • Library services are Computerized and automated.
  • Books are issued/ returned on bar coded ID card.
  • Open Access System.
  • Blackwell Publishes Architecture Journals.

Other facilities:

  • Reprographic facility
  • OPAC search facility- Online Public Access Catalogue
  • WEB OPAC facility
  • Book Bank Facility- To facilitate the students to reduce their hurdles from purchasing the higher cost books.

Internet Facility:

In the proximity of the library building the institution has set up Internet facility with requisite infrastructure

News Papers:

The library subscribes for 4 English and 2 Kannada news papers. The current month's papers are readily available in the section for immediate reference. Other back papers will be stacked in a separate space.

Press Clippings/ Industrial Information:

Important local and National news papers are scanned, clipped, classified and maintained in an organized manner.

Circulation Section:

The Library follows a combined system of Browne and Newark. Books should be presented physically to the library for return and renewals.

Library circulation system is computerized. Users can reserve books and get such information, as to whom a book is issued, when it is due, list of books that are issued to particular borrowers, etc.

Borrowing Facility:

Books and other publications are issued from the issue counter.Books are normally issued for a fortnight to students. Books can be recalled in case of an urgent demand for the same, by the other members.

Mou with IIIT-A : As per the MoU our students and faculty members can access their Universal Digital Library ,which is having 43,000 Books/Journals around 12.5 Million Pages