About Us

Being exposed to quantitative and qualitative analysis skills which are built into the curriculum and training provided by the department, the students are equipped to be innovative and creative. The graduates of this discipline will also have adequate mathematical, technical, software, management and research skills.

Objective of the department

The objective of the institute is to develop a world class Management Institute; a centre of excellence, imparting quality management education.


Educate and train students to gain the ability to work creatively, communicate effectively and become technologically competent.Provide a supportive environment that encourages faculty and students to engage in research and development activities.


Achieve professional excellence through quality teaching and training in computer applications for an all round development of individuals who can excel in their profession with a high degree of integrity and ethical standards, capable of responding to the changing needs of industry and the society.

Goals of the department
  • Achieve 100% placement record
  • Build a strong industry interface
  • Contribute to research activities