Manjunath Bhandary :

A Statesman, a highly educated philanthropist and a visionary youth leader, Mr. Bhandary is a committed social worker. As an acclaimed youth leader, he has been an integral part of several Global Youth Exchange Programmes. The opportunities he had to interact one on one with several global leaders have broadened his outlook and approach towards social welfare in India. Mr. Bhandary has been a welcome visitor at innumerable international centers of higher learning and has participated in countless number of conferences around the world. His travels and experiences have helped him gain a deeper insight in to issues concerning Education, Social Justice and Political fields.

Mr. Bhandary who was invited by the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL), for The Youth Exchange Programme at Washington DC in 2001, was an eye witnesses to the 9/11attack on PENTAGON and has felt first hand the destructive impact of global terrorism.

Mr. Bhandary attended World HIV/AIDS conference at Barcelona, in 2002. This event was attended by U.S. President Bill Clinton, the legendary Mr. Nelson Mandela, and Former Indian Prime Minister Mr. I. K Gujral among other prominent leaders. Deeply touched by the travails of the unfortunate victims and moved by the appeals of the global leaders to create a strong HIV/AIDS awareness in the younger generation, Mr. Bhandary decided to direct his attention and resources towards this goal.

He has been awarded the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowships granted by The Eisenhower Foundation, USA. During this programme, Mr. Bhandary had the rare honour of being an active observer at the US Presidential contest between President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry in 2004.

As a member of the High profile Indian delegation in 2005, he visited Israel as a special delegate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, concluding with a meeting with the then Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Ariel Sharon and other key leaders.

In a fitting recognition of his selfless services, Mr. Bhandary was invited to be the Guest of Honor at the Annual Indian Independence Day Parade in New York in 2006 attended by both high ranking members of US Administration as well as the luminaries from the Indian Diaspora.

Mr. Bhandary is one of the defining architects of Indian Government's ambitious rural welfare scheme- the Rural Common Service Centre (CSCs). As appropriate to a visionary social activist he had proposed a project titled "Rajiv Vikas Kendra" to the Government of India through Hon'ble Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi. The project envisaged creation of employment to over Ten Million Rural Indian youth. This proposal was subsequently approved by the Union Cabinet as Rural Common Service Centre (CSCs) on 21st September 2006. The Union Cabinet sanctioned budget was Rs 5742 crores to establish one lakh Common Service Centre (CSCs).