The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the year 2007. In order to ensure high standards of education for its students, the department has constantly upgrading itself by adding well-equipped and fully furnished laboratories to supplement the theory courses and to provide a conductive work environment for the students. Laboratories like the Analog Electronics, HDL, Microprocessor and Microcontroller labs have been upgraded with state-of-the-art equipments and many new ones have been added, including VLSI Design, Advanced communication engineering, Digital Integrated Circuits, and Digital Signal Processing.

Apart from teaching, the faculty members have been vigorously pursuing research and have been regularly participating in various National levels as well as in prestigious conferences to upgrade their knowledge in the specified field.

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"To establish the department as a center of excellence in creating globally competitive, socially responsible engineers to excel in the field of Electronics and Communication by transforming future challenges to sustainable opportunities."


M1: Inculcating a distinctive teaching learning process to provide extensive knowledge of principles to provide solutions to challenges in the relevant domain.

M2: Nurturing the growth of every individual through inventive, dynamic and conducive learning environment using modern education techniques and industry oriented pedagogy.

M3: Imparting leadership qualities with ethical values among students to cater societal and environmental needs.

Department Contact

Dr. Anush Bekal

BE, MS ,Ph.D

[email protected]


HOD Message

Welcome to the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management! We started our journey in 2007, and since then, we have been committed to providing our students with an exceptional education that prepares them for the ever-changing electronics and communication industry. In recent years, we have seen significant growth in the semiconductor industry, and we aim to equip our students with the latest knowledge and skills in this area.

At the ECE department, we are committed to creating globally competitive, socially responsible engineers who excel in the field of Electronics and Communication. Our vision is to establish the department as a centre of excellence in transforming future challenges into sustainable opportunities. To achieve this, we constantly update our curriculum to keep pace with the latest technological advancements in the industry.

Our department specializes in four verticals: Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI), Communication and Control Systems, Embedded Systems & Internet of Things (IoT), and Signal Processing. To further enhance our students practical knowledge, we have equipped every subject with a corresponding laboratory. We have fully equipped laboratories with advanced equipment to create a comfortable and suitable workspace for our students. We prioritise project-based and hands-on learning to provide our students with the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the industry.

Our faculty members are not only excellent teachers, but they also actively engage in research, attend prestigious national conferences, and stay current on the latest advancements in their respective fields. As a result, they have the knowledge and expertise required to provide our students with an excellent education. In addition, we have two in-house industries, the Research Design Lab (RDL) and Flotanomers R&D Pvt Ltd, which provides our students with an opportunity to experience how the industry works and what it does. RDL is a centric electronics product and components manufacturing firm that works with IoT devices, PCB design, and manufacturing, while Flotanomers R&D Pvt Ltd is a UAV-based start-up that specialises in innovation in the field of aerials and robotics.

At ECE, we also have a flagship event called Aerophilia, a National-level Techno-Cultural fest conducted in association with our department. It is a 3-day event that spans the weekend with exciting competitions involving Aeromodelling, Drone races, RC Bot events, and Hackathons. The event aims to spread and teach young, talented minds to explore new areas of technology and aeromodelling to foster the nations development.

Our department has demonstrated outstanding placement records over the years. Our graduates have secured excellent job opportunities in various reputed companies in the industry. Our department aims that every student gets placed in ECE core companies and we work towards it by providing the necessary training and exposure. We also ensure that every student gets an opportunity for an internship with ECE companies.

The Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST) and The New Age Incubation Network (NAIN) Scheme promote student innovation by inviting them to share their ideas for solving specific problems. At our college, we support this initiative by helping students convert their ideas into proof of concepts that have commercial value.

The department has 10 start-ups founded and run by the faculties & students namely: Samarpan Sahyadri Tech LLP; Utkarsh Sahyadri Tech LLP; Samanvaya Sahyadri Tech LLP; Samyama Sahyadri Tech LLP; Udgam Sahyadri Tech LLP; Udbhav Sahyadri Tech LLP; Rachith Sahyadri Tech LLP; Muditha Sahyadri Tech LLP; Abhimaan Sahyadri Tech LLP; Samagratha Sahyadri Tech LLP are under the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) all incubated and funded by the NAIN. These start-ups are supported and nurtured to grow and achieve their full potential in the technology industry.

Among these start-up’s, Samarpan Sahyadri Tech LLP (25 Lakhs), Utkarsh Sahyadri Tech LLP (40 lakhs), Udbhav Sahyadri Tech LLP (20 Lakhs), and Abhimaan Sahyadri Tech LLP (15 Lakhs) are funded by Elevate 100. Samarpan Sahyadri Tech LLP is working on the "AGV/AMR LIDAR Navigation Kit" project, Utkarsh Sahyadri Tech LLP is developing the "ISENSE human activity measurement system integrated with sensor technology," Udbhav Sahyadri Tech LLP is working on the "Eco-Phone Technology, a Sustainable alternative to RF" project, while Abhimaan Sahyadri Tech LLP is working on the "Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)" project. A grand total of Rs. 1,30,00,000/- has been received by the department from various funding agencies.

Our experienced faculty encourages student teams to apply for funding and provides guidance on setting up a business enterprise. We believe that fostering innovation and entrepreneurship is essential for creating a better future.

More updates are regularly updated on our department social media. Kindly do visit us at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/scem-ece/