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President of NIE, Mysuru visited Sahyadri

President of NIE, Mysuru visited Sahyadri

Mr. R S Rajkumar, President of National Institute of Engineering, Mysuru (NIE) visited Sahyadri on 18th February, 2021 and had an interaction with the Senior Faculty members and Administration Dept. In his talk, he emphasized that there are 4 Pillars of an Institute – The First Pillar is Admissions - Good quality of students should seek admissions, Second Pillar is the Programs that an Institute Offers, Third Pillar is Governance and fourth is Graduate Attributes - i.e. success rate of graduate in becoming an entrepreneur/ skilled employee/ educationist etc. As we are heading towards National Education Policy by 2022, we would require collaborating with Industries and Colleges like NIT’s, IITs etc. so that we can bridge the gap between syllabus prescribed by the Universities and skill-sets required by the Industry and this has to be initiated soon. It is possible to instill culture of Research among students, only when the efforts of Faculty members are beyond academic commitments. Faculty members must be encouraged to promote a conducive atmosphere for Research and Development, In-house Industries and involvement of Faculty in them is vital for the growth.
Also, Mr. Rajkumar interacted with the Innovation team, students of Launch Pads, Young Leadership Program and shared insights on how innovation team can collaboratively work with research and academic pillars of the institute for better career.

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