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Inauguration of Sahyadri Management Students Association (SMSA)

Inauguration of Sahyadri Management Students Association (SMSA)

The Sahyadri Management Students Association (SMSA) for the Academic year 2020-21 was inaugurated by Mr. Kalbavi Prakash Rao, Owner – Kalbavi Cashews and Founder Chairman – CII Mangaluru District Council and Mr. Akash N, Owner – Spice Route, a Restaurant in Surathkal, Mangaluru (Alumni – Batch 2017) as Chief Guests; Dr. Vishal Samartha, Director-MBA and Prof. Ramesh K G, Dean-Strategic Planning on 20th February 2021. The office bearers were lead through oath taking by Prof. Samarth Shenoy. Kaushal B S, President of SMSA shared the Plan of Action of the Academic Year 2020-21.
Mr. Kalbavi Prakash Rao, in his inaugural address, firstly congratulated the students for getting into their dream college to pursue their MBA course. He said – “I have visited so many institutions in the past and even spoke everywhere about what a college campus should do, however after visiting Sahyadri I have realized that Sahyadri is one step ahead”. He said sometimes crisis situations helps to break away from the rut and do something different just like it happened way back in 1991 Crisis and 1994 Plague pandemic. He was glad to make a point that Indians have a natural gene to manage crisis well and we are naturally resilient to crisis. It takes a crisis situation to get the best out of us.
Key takeaways of his talk:
• Do not forget your Alma Mater, Parents and Guru and see how you can contribute something differently to them every year
• Freedom comes with responsibility. They are the two sides of a same coin
• Seize every opportunity that comes your way – Be the first to participate
• Be humble – No end to learning
• Have company of people who are higher than you in knowledge and value • Manage social media responsibly
• Be employment Creators rather than employment Seekers
• Digital Transformation as a result of the pandemic situation
Mr. Akash N shared his journey from Sahyadri MBA in 2019 to now an Entrepreneur. He mentioned anecdotes of how he failed during his initial attempts to be an entrepreneur and has NO regrets as it has contributed Chapters to the Book of his life’s journey.

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