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Team MERAKI achieves in IIT Mandi, HP


Team MERAKI achieves in IIT Mandi, HP Team MERAKI, a group of 18 students of first year engineering participated in a Three-Day National Level Technical Fest - "Exodia - 2017" which was held at Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. The team consisting of Akshatha K, Chirag Kumar, Dipinraj Shettyan, Joswin Mark Monteiro, Maithri, Manisha S Chouta, Motaiah M U, Nischal S P, Pawan Hegde, Reshma Kumari, Shamanth Raj, Shrajan B Suvarna, Shwetha, Suraj Kumar Shetty, Srinidhi M R, Vaishak S Shetty, Velentina laira Veigas, Yashraj along with Mr. Gautham Nayak (Technical Trainer, Dtlabz) under the guidance of DTlabz was successful in winning the hearts of all present at IIT, Mandi.

The team won various prizes and they are:

  • First place in "Internet of Things"
  • First place in "Hurdle Rush",
  • Third Place in "Nirman" and
  • Top 6th position out of 20 teams in the event "Line follower"
The team interacted with Dr. Dileep A D (Assistant Professor, School of Computer science and Electrical Engineering, IIT, Mandi) who explained about the practical approach to learning and briefly described the curriculum of IIT, Mandi. During the interaction, he realised how distinct our institution is and appreciated the initiatives taken up by our college towards practical learning with emphasis on Laboratories like Hands on Experience Lab and programmes like SPSS. The team also interacted with Dr. Ajay Soni (Assistant Professor, School of Basic Science, IIT Mandi) who gave an insight about how internship programmes are carried out at IIT, Mandi. Team MERAKI has extended their gratitude to Sahyadri Management and DTlabz for supporting them throughout their journey.

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