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MRPL – SAHYADRI Interprofessional-Collegiate Debate Competition 2017

MRPL – SAHYADRI Interprofessional-Collegiate Debate Competition 2017

Mangaluru Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL) in association with Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management held an Interprofessional Collegiate Debate Competition on the theme “My Vision- Corruption free India”, in the Sahyadri Campus on 2nd November 2017. Students of engineering, medicine, dental and management disciplines from eighteen professional colleges in Mangaluru and the Udupi region participated in the Debate Competition. One of the primary objectives of the Central Vigilance Commission is to create public awareness against corruption and the observance of vigilance awareness week every year that is observed from 30th October to 4th November 2017.

Sri. K.Upendra Rao, Dy. General Manager(Vigilance), MRPL was the Chief Guest for the inaugural function. Dr. U. M. Bhushi, Principal, presided over the function. In his inaugural address the chief guest spoke on corruption and effects of corruption. He thanked Sahyadri and the Central Vigilance Council for organizing the debate competition. He stated that the results of a survey show that 50% of Indians have paid a bribe at some point of time in India. He gave examples of how countries like Hongkong have reduced corruption through education and Singapore imposed stringent laws from the first day of Independence to eradicate corruption. He encouraged the youth to strongly work towards the eradication of corruption and wished the participants and the programme all the success. Dr. U.M. Bhushi presided over the function. He encouraged the students to participate well and later follow it in their own lives. Shri. H.V. Manjunatha, Manager (Vigilance), MRPL welcomed the gathering and Dr. Molly Chaudhuri, HoD Training coordinated the event. The Master of Ceremonies was Ms. Supreetha.

Dr. Malini Hebbar, Ms. Divyashree Gatti, Ms. Savitha Salian, Ms. Shwetha Dsouza, Mr. Sushil Gupta, Mr. Sourabh Nahata, Mr. Brian Fernandes, Mr. Flexon Fernandes and Mrs. Shivani Baliga, all Toastmasters were the judges for the event.

The Chief Guest for the Valedictory programme was Sri. H Kumar, MD, MRPL, Mangaluru. He inaugurated the Sahyadri Integrity Club and addressed the gathering. He gave an anecdote on ticket booking system before the arrival of the internet and as of today. He highlighted that the biggest intervention today is the Digital Intervention. He accentuated the role of digitalization in the direct transfer of LPG subsidy benefits to the customers. He emphasized that technological interventions and awareness through education are essential for eradication of corruption. He stated that India has identified three main challenges, Sanitation, Education and Corruption. The steps taken by the Government to handle the sanitation problem is the Swach Bharat programmes. He stressed that Education leads to awareness and doing the right thing since lack of awareness leads to becoming a victim of corruption. And the third challenge of Corruption has to be handled with good education and absolute integrity. He encouraged the students to be Change Agents for a Better India and to make a promise to self that “I will not be corrupt. I will be a Change agent.”

The Guest of Honour Sri Rajeev Kushwah, ITS, Chief Vigilance Officer MRPL, Mangaluru, gave insights into the Vigilance need. He spoke about the demand and supply side of corruption. He pinpointed that whenever we are doing anything which is not right, it is corruption. He illustrated that even when students are bunking classes, it is corruption. He encouraged students to live a life of honesty and integrity and to make the right judgement of what is right and wrong. He asked the students to take the Integrity pledge and always to maintain the highest standards of integrity.

Dr. U.M.Bhushi, Principal, Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management delivered the presidential address stating that by implementing the ideas to fight against corruption will make a difference and thereby suggested a system to be developed so that mistakes do not happen, which in turn can eradicate corruption. He thanked MRPL for partnering with Sahyadri by inaugurating the Integrity club. He encouraged the students to be consciously true; to be honest and follow integrity thereby being the positive change agents. Dr. Molly Chaudhuri welcomed the gathering and stated the aims and objectives of the Sahyadri Integrity Club. Mr. H.V. Manjunath, Manager, Vigilance MRPL, thanked the Chairman, Principal, the entire MRPL team, the judges and the management of Sahyadri for making this event a success. Smt. Lakshmi Kumaran, Chief Genral Manager(HR), Shri Upendra Rao, DGM (Vigilance), Shri Ganesh Achar, Chief Manager, (Vigilance) and several other dignitaries from MRPL were present . The first prize was bagged by Ms. Nishal Nivya Rodrigues, Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, the second prize by Mr. Madhur Madhav and Mr. Vasudev from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and the third prize by Ms. Chaithra and Mr. Mohammed Arslaan from St Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore. The Best Debater prize was given to Ms. Chaithra from St Joseph Engineering College, Mangalore.

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