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Caliper machined the First Titanium Component

Caliper machined the First Titanium Component

It’s a milestone day for Caliper, a Mechanical Engineering Start-up Company in Sahyadri. First Titanium component is machined at Caliper, which is to be supplied to Nuclear Power Corporation India Ltd. Titanium machining is complex & tricky, as it heats up fast resulting tools wear out fast & possibility of fire, while doing high speed machining. Caliper successfully manoeuvred this difficult task & completed the machining. Next step is to machine other components on this project & assemble the product, which is an import substitution to originally supplied product from Russia.

Caliper is equipped with CNC machines, Robotic welding station, 3D measuring equipment & high end metrology / NDT equipments for inspection / testing. It caters to niche markets like ISRO, Defence, Nuclear etc apart from imparting hands-on industrial training to mechanical engineering students.

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