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Sahyadri Conclave - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, Mangaluru
Wednesday, April 29 2020

Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) for Engineering & MBA held during 27th to 29th Apr’2020

examevalv Sahyadri has climbed one step higher in terms of imparting uninterrupted education and even evaluating the performance of students considering the various parameters set by the university. The Internal Exam – what we call as the Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) was conducted online for both Engineering & MBA during 27th to 29th Apr’2020 with students giving great response to the initiative of the institution.

Faculty members of ‘Examination Reforms AICTE Quality Initiative Committee’ attend online course conducted by AICTE

acite_qaulity_initiative acite_qaulity_initiative

AICTE has taken a number of measures in recent years to make transformational changes in the technical education in the country. One of the measures is Examination Reforms Policy brought out for alignment of technical education with global trend of outcome-based learning and shifting the focus on creativity and skills. A Four-Day online course is being conducted by AICTE during April 29th to May 2nd’ 2020 with the objective of
• Understanding the importance of assessment in outcome-based education
• Designing strategy for outcome-based assessment at the course level
• Using Bloom’s taxonomy in designing assessments tools or question papers
• Choosing an appropriate assessment method to assess for a given outcome
• Critique a given assessment design with respect to quality and structure
During this course participants will learn about the changes which need to happen in the examination-based education system.
Prof. Sudheer Shetty, Dean-Examinations; Dr. Savitha M B, Head of Chemistry Department; Prof. Rithesh R. Pakkala, Dept. of Information Science & Engineering; Prof. Manjunatha Kamath, Dept. of Business Administration-MBA; Prof. Ashwin Kumar, Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering; Prof. Mahadev U M, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Prof. Kavyashree K, Dept. of Civil Engineering attended the online session.
Key takeaways of Day One:
Session 1:
Prof. Ashok Shettar, Vice Chancellor, KLE Technological University spoke about the Educational reforms which need to happen in view of today's most dynamic world. Academician’s assessment of students level of understanding needs to change based on the outcomes which are expected from the students in today's world. He also told - though the outcomes or expectations have changed from the students, the ways in which students are made to go through the examination procedures have remained the same since long. He spoke about Law of Education cause and effects and justified the objectives of the reforms being administered by AICTE lead by Chairman Prof. Anil D Sahasrabudhe.
Session 2:
Prof. Prakash Tewari, Dean Academics, KLE Technological University Hubli, facilitated a session on need for OBE and elements of OBE. He very well explained about the purpose of OBE and why standards set by Washington accord needs to be followed in education reforms. He spoke about how we can remain competitive and relevant enough in the current globalized educational system and how our age-old Macaulay system of education could be transformed to meet the global standards. He spoke about curriculum design, Program Educational Objectives (PSOs), Program Outcomes (POs), Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs), Learning Outcomes, Topic Level outcomes and about the difference between input based and outcome based education.

Feedback from the Buzz Readers

Hearty congratulations to Dean Sir, Dr. Rajesha S, on becoming the new Principal of this prestigious technical institute. Best wishes Sir...
Dr. Navin N Bappalige
Physics Department

Quote for the day

"Impossible is for the unwilling"
-John Keats


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