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Day Two of Bridge Course MBA Batch 2017-19

Day Two of Bridge Course MBA Batch 2017-19 The second day of Bridge Course started with a session on “Self: Growth & Development” by Prof. Mithun Ullal, Dept. of Business Administration. Students had to prepare a report on “Where they see themselves in the next 10 years”. This was followed by word and picture apperception test. This activity identified the weakness in students thinking and exposed their shortcomings. The session contributed to their thinking & creativity. Students felt the emergence of a new dimension of their personality. The second session was facilitated by Mr. Ankith S Kumar, Student Counsellor on “Goal Setting”. His session included process in goal setting and prioritizing goals. He mainly focused on how to set SMART Goals. The session was activity based and students actively participated in all the activities.

Post lunch, Mr. Abhijith Karkera, Managing Partner & Marketing Head, VIBRANT MINDS facilitated a session on Leadership. He highlighted the qualities & types of a leader & also on the type of leadership that students should develop.

Day Two of Orientation Programme - “Road Map to Civil Engineering”

The orientation programme continued for the second day with brief introduction about different verticals of civil engineering branch. The verticals included construction technology, structural engineering, earth science & transportation and environmental hydraulics & irrigation. Each vertical was mapped to the subjects and labs, which will be learnt during the course of their study. It will streamline student’s area of interest for their future and also in choosing their electives in higher semester. It was encouraging to see the inquisitive minds keen to know the insight of all verticals.

Chairman addresses the second batch of B.E. New entrants on the Orientation program

Second batch of Orientation session for the new entrants to the engineering stream was held in the Campus. Chairman, Mr. Manjunath Bhandary, oriented the students, briefing them on the overall growth of the college since the inception. He basically stressed on acceptance of the engineering course. He stated that engineering is a process of learning the concepts, rather than only studying. He briefed on the importance of following a prescribed dress code on campus as appearance makes a lot of difference. He emphasized on the leadership quality building in an individual and stated its importance in terms of being employable. He also stated that Companies are currently looking forward to hiring the leaders than just employees.

He provided additional information regarding the Campus buzz and Newsletter. He advised the students to be focused on the future and to work hard towards achieving it. He insisted the students to learn the basic life skills that are required for an individual to be self dependent, reliable and employable. He mentioned about the platform provided to the students to compete at the national and international level events. Lastly he concluded stating that one should aim at being a leader and bring about positive changes in the society.

Guest Talk on “Opportunities & Challenges in Mechanical Engineering”

Mr. Sundaram Moorthy Sunder, CEO, Caliper Engineering and Lab Pvt Ltd addressed the Mechanical Engineering students of third semester. He spoke extensively on the opportunities for mechanical engineers across various sectors including defence, oil exploration and aerospace. He emphasised on the importance of various subjects and the need for understanding the basic concepts which would help them in appreciating the subject. He also explained how India is going to be the next manufacturing hub and called on students to utilize the opportunities to the greatest extent. The talk was concluded with an interactive question and answer session.

Welcome to the Fold

Mr. Midhun Jyothis P M has joined as a Research Assistant in the Dept. of Civil Engineering. He has completed his B.E Civil Engineering from Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management.

Quote for the day

"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. "
- Arthur C. Clarke

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