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Best Wishes on Gowri Habba

Third Day of Orientation Programme - “Road Map to Civil Engineering”

The orientation programme continued for the third day. In this session the different verticals were mapped with the various industries. The students got enriched with information related to several job openings in their future. Each vertical had unique job opportunities and students were encouraged to channelize their job interest. At the end of the day, faculty escorted the students to the various labs of civil branch. The students were eager to know about the equipments they will be using in their higher semesters.

Day Four of Bridge Course MBA Batch 2017 - 19

 Bridge-Course_Day-Four-MBA Day Four began with a session from Prof. Sushma V, Dept. Of Business Administration on “Sahyadri 2030”, a team activity to bring out Creative Thinking, followed by presentation on this imaginary topic by students. It was encouraging to see the budding leaders present their dreams for Sahyadri 2030. Though the creative ideas were illusory – without any boundaries for thinking, the sense of belonging among the students towards the institution was visible overwhelmingly. As it was a group activity, the students showcased the essence of Team Management, Time Management, Innovation & Creativity and also their competitive spirit. Post this session, Dr. Vidyavathi K, Dept. Of Business Administration conducted Business & Economics Quiz focussing on Current Affairs.

Afternoon Session was facilitated by Mr. Manoj Luis on “Stress Management”. He created a situation of stress for the students and evaluated on how they overcome the situation instantaneously.

Quote for the day

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”
- Aristotle
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