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MBA student appreciated for the contribution to an NGO during Internship

MBA student appreciated for the contribution to an NGO during Internship Aamir Hassan Yousuf, second year MBA student interned from "U&I", an NGO in Bengaluru. He worked with the HR team & was allotted the task of recruiting volunteers. U&I also gave him an opportunity to be a volunteer in a school named Church Jubilee Memorial Study Center (CJMSC).

CJMSC is a school located in Baiyapannahalli, Bengaluru which focuses on education for the children from the slum within the locality. Aamir assisted students in their academics as well as coordinated with the Montessori school. He believes that “Gaining knowledge is important but passing on the knowledge to the needy is our moral duty”. He has received a Testimonial from Prof. Sindhu, Principal, CJMSC - “Thanks Aamir for your commitment towards the cause of education. We, at CJMSC are grateful to your volunteering work. Wishing you well in your studies & may you be mindful of the 'lesser privileged’.

Day Two of Placement Workshop for MBAs

Day Two of Placement Workshop for MBAs Day Two of the workshop had a session on Career in Finance, the skill sets of the profile, job opportunities in Finance and also inputs on how students should prepare themselves for a Finance Profile. Post this, students were hand held on Resume Building. They were apprised on the components of a Resume, the DO’s and Dont’s in a Resume, and also on how the details of Internship and Projects undertaken should be highlighted in their resume. Group Discussion rounds were also held with one to one feedback given to the students.

Final Day of Bridge Course
MBA 2017-19

Final Day of Bridge Course MBA 2017-19 The concluding day of the Bridge Course began with an Awareness programme regarding an online game - "The Bluewhale" facilitated by Mr. Prashant Baliga, an entrepreneur, who is also an alumnus of Sahyadri MBA. During this session, students had to present their ideas to tackle this current issue. Post this, Prof. Deepak Bangera, Dept. of Business Administration facilitated a session on Crisis Management, wherein students were given real life situations of crisis, students had to play a role of a manager & take decisions.

Before winding up Bridge Course, students were given an opportunity to share their feedback on the week long Bridge Course in the presence of Dr. Umesh M Bhushi, Principal, Dr. Vishal Samartha, Director, Dept. of Business Administration and all faculty members of the department. It was encouraging to hear from students that they had immense learning opportunities through the well planned management activities. They even expressed how these sessions instilled confidence to take up leadership roles. They have been able to evaluate self and chalk out actions on the areas that need self development. Students also appreciated the manner in which they were grouped into teams which has widened their scope for development. Principal, Dr. Umesh M Bhushi, in his concluding remarks, urged the students to build up on “eustress”, wherein once they commit, they should make it a point to achieve it. He also emphasised on the importance to remain grounded with humility, humbleness & honesty. Prof. Padmanabha B, Dept. of Business Administration coordinated the Bride Course for MBA 2017-19 Batch.

Certification Courses at Aptra Technologies

Aptra Technologies offers Skill Development Certification courses for Engineering students.

Courses Offered
Certification Courses at Aptra Technologies Certification Courses at Aptra Technologies

Three teams clear the Verbattle 2017-Senior, Mangaluru Zonal Selection Round

Three teams clear the Verbattle 2017-Senior Verbattle 2017-Senior, Mangaluru Zonal Selection Round was held on 23rd August 2017 at Ladies Club, Mangaluru. Out of the 35 teams that participated from and around Mangaluru including Shimoga and Chickamagalur, 6 teams were from Sahyadri. 3 teams from Sahyadri cleared the Mangaluru Zonal Selection Round. The students who will participate in the next round are
1) Mr. P. Sanjay - Final year Mechanical dept.
2) Ms. Nishal Nivya Rodrigues - 3rd year, EC dept.
3) Mr. Devansh N Hingrajia- 1st year
4) Ms. Shagufa Bava D K- 1st year
5) Ms. Mariamma Samreena- 1st year
6) Mr. Oliver Sujith Bangera-1st year
The next round, Verbattle Karnataka 2017 will be held at Garden City College, Bengaluru from 5th September to 14th September, 2017. The last round at the national level, Verbattle Debating Championship 2017 India Finals will be held in Bengaluru from 20th Nov - 24th Nov, 2017.

Verbattle is a registered trademark owned by Verbattle Foundation, which is an international non-profit organization with partners in the United States of America, the European Union, India and Canada. Verbattle is the largest, most exciting and unique debate and dialogue platform. Its fundamental purpose is to facilitate thought and opinion exchange in addition to its primary goal of promoting democratic values in the society.

Verbattle, established in 2005, began with a state-level competition in Karnataka. Till date, Verbattle has conducted over 40 large scale debate competitions across India and Europe. Verbattle started South India-level competitions with ‘Verbattle South’ in 2012. It has today grown as India’s biggest professional debating organization.

Quote for the day

" Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work."
- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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