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Sahyadri Conclave - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, Mangaluru
Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Newly Nominated Student Council of Sahyadri

Head- Academic
Nishal Nivya
Gowri Ganesh
Head -Sports
Sanket U Kumar
Head- Entrepreneurship 
Head-Projects & Seminars
Muhammed Abdullah

2nd Semester Engineering Students above 9 SGPA in VTU Exams

Sahyadri takes the pride in presenting the 2nd Semester Engineering students who have scored above 9 SGPA in the recently held VTU Exams. By maintaining their SGPA consistently at 9 and above shall get them placement opportunities in Core industries.

Mechanical Engineering
Aditya M Bhat
SGPA - 9.17
Shivaraj Kumar
SGPA - 9.17
Sanjan K S
SGPA - 9.17
Arjun Pai
SGPA - 9.17
Rakeeb Husain
SGPA - 9.17
Saqlain Zaid
SGPA - 9.17
Ibrahim Jaleel
SGPA - 9.17
Praveen Franklin
SGPA - 9.17
Darren Revelan
SGPA - 9.17
Yash Pawan
SGPA - 9.17
Electronics & Communication Engineering
SGPA - 9.33
Akshay Kumar M
SGPA - 9.33
Rajath Patil
SGPA - 9.33

Sahyadrian Excels in Martial Arts

TCS - CodeVita online Coding Test Mr. Shashank R, First Year Engineering Student has made his mark in the field of Martial Arts – Taekwondo through his achievements. He has won the Bronze Medal in Poomsae, Junior, Under-17 category at QingDao Taekwondo International Open held in China. He has also participated in Kukkiwon Cup - Indian International Taekwondo Championship - 2017 held in New Delhi. Mr. Shashank R has attained the qualification as “National Referee” granted by the Taekwondo Federation of India.

Sahyadrian Recruited by Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd.

TCS - CodeVita online Coding Test Mr. Len Joslen Sequeira from the Department of Mechanical Engineering has been recruited by Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd for the role of ‘Engineer Trainee’ in the recently held off campus drive for the 2018 passed out batch.
FSC is one of India’s largest organized third-party supply chain and logistics service providers. They offer automated and IT-enabled warehousing, distribution and other logistics solutions to a wide range of customers.

Tomorrow at Sahyadri

Celebration of the 72nd Independence Day of India
Opportunities in Mutual Funds The Flag hoisting ceremony would be held on 15th Aug, 2018 at 9.00 hours in Sahyadri Campus.

Ms. Jyotika Alva, Head- HR & Director, Tetherfi is the Chief Guest of the programme. She is currently handling India Centre as the Director. Prior to this, she worked with Flexiresources as Asst. Manager Operations. She has also worked as a Team Lead for Recruitment at Elgiva Business Solutions. She was also an HR Manager at Yogika Enterprise and Blue Skies Pvt Ltd.

A large part of her experience lies in start-up scenarios where execution frameworks do not exist and there is high value on creating these frameworks and policies. She has also been a part of Talent Acquisition Team in most of her assignments with focus on operations & engagement along with resourcing activities to fulfil project execution needs.

Feedback from the Buzz Readers

"Congratulations to the MBA students and MBA director for bagging the Best Project Award of the Year 2017-18 at the Annual Seminar and Exhibition of Student Project Programme of KSCST."
Dr. R Srinivasa Rao Kunte

Quote for the day

"If you can dream it, you can do it."
- Walt Disney

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