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Sahyadri Conclave - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, Mangaluru
Tuesday, August 21 2018

Sahyadrians selected as Deans for Mangaluru to the School of AI

Padmanabha Padmanabha Two of the third year students from the Dept of Computer Science & Engineering - Jehad Mohamed and Shreyas Baliga after an extensive review process have been selected as the Deans for Mangaluru to the School of AI.

School of AI offers a world-class AI education to anyone on Earth for free. Their doors are open to all those who wish to learn. They are a learning community that spans almost every country dedicated to teaching students how to make a positive impact in the world using AI technology, whether that's through employment or entrepreneurship. The Mangaluru School of AI will be following these principles in organizing events, sessions and workshops related to AI and recent trends along with Sahyadri Open Source Community.
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MBA Students coordinate 5th Anniversary event of Audi Mangaluru at Taj Gateway

MBA Students coordinate 5th Anniversary event of Audi Mangaluru at Taj Gateway MBA Students coordinate 5th Anniversary event of Audi Mangaluru at Taj Gateway Audi Mangaluru celebrated its 5th anniversary recently at Taj Gateway, Mangaluru and Sahyadri MBA - Marketing students were given the opportunity to coordinate this event. The event was conducted as part of their customer engagement activity.

Mr. Manoj, Mr. Suyog, Mr. Zainuddin, Ms. Saleekha and Mr. Ninad Joshi were part of the event. Prior to the event, students were given an assignment to design activities to engage customers. During the event, the students were asked to do an observation research on the customers and also manage the event.

Mr. Suresh G, COO, Jubilant Motorworks Pvt Ltd; Mr. Vaibhav Vernekar, Marketing Manager, Audi, Bengaluru and Mr. Chethan Anil Pinto, Marketing Executive, Audi, Bengaluru were part of the event.

The event was coordinated by Mr. Chethan Anil Pinto, Marketing Executive, Audi, Bengaluru who is also an alumnus of Sahyadri MBA. This opportunity has opened doors for Sahyadri MBA in coordinating Audi events in the future.

Achievements of First Year Engineering Students

Padmanabha Apeksha Marathe of First Semester Computer Science & Engineering is a Karate Champion. Her achievements include
• Karate Black Belt holder - Won Gold Medal in National Level Karate Competition in 2014
• Won Gold Medal in Kata and 3rd place in Kumite in 2015
• Won Second Place in Gushin Ryu stylae Federation in 2012
She is an eminent Yakshagana Artist. She has even completed her keyboard exam with distinction at Trinity Music School London.

2nd Semester Engineering Students with 9 SGPA in VTU Exams

Sahyadri presents the 2nd Semester Engineering students who have scored 9 SGPA in the recently held VTU Exams. By maintaining their SGPA consistently at 9 and above shall get them placement opportunities in Core industries.
Information Science Engineering
SGPA - 9
Sumanth Rai
SGPA - 9
Varsha P Bhat
SGPA - 9
SGPA - 9
Electronics & Communication Engineering
SGPA - 9
Shivani Karkera
SGPA - 9
Akshaya H S
SGPA - 9
Hritvik Patel
SGPA - 9

Quote for the day

"You cannot build character and courage by taking away man's initiative and independence."
- Abraham Lincoln

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