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Sahyadri Conclave - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, Mangaluru
Friday, June 12 2020

Sahyadri Open Source Community (SOSC) successfully includes Hack Club as its Newest Addition to the Community

hackclub_sosc The Sahyadri Open Source Community (SOSC) has successfully included Hack Club as its newest addition to the community this week, under the leadership of Mr. Swasthik Shetty, Ms. Rachitha Rai and Mr. Suhan Acharya, students of Second Year Information Science & Engineering.
Hack Club is a global nonprofit network of High School makers and student-led coding clubs where young people build the agency, the network and the technical talent to think big and do big things in the world. Learning to code is uniquely like gaining a Superpower: it converts you from a consumer to a Creator.
SOSC is an open-source community with the prime intent to acquaint students with the open-source ecosystem and develop skill sets by providing effective training. It is a conglomeration of clubs and individuals.
Some of the clubs under the SOSC banner are Mozilla Campus Clubs, Developer Students Clubs, GitHub Campus Experts, Microsoft Student Partner, HackerEarth and Sahyadri Open Source Women's Community (SOSWC).
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Student of 4th Semester Mechanical Engineering is placed on 'World Book of Records -United Kingdom' for his Longest Poem in Tulu Language

pranesh Mr.Pranesh, student of 4th Semester Mechanical Engineering has been included for Innovative Creationas one of the longest poem in Tulu language in "World Book of Records -United Kingdom".
His poem titled "TulunadaIsira" is the first longest poem in Tulu Language. It is 21 feet long and comprises of around 2241 words, more than 7000 letters, 432 lines and 108 paragraphs. Itis written in pure Tulu language without the use of any other language.
The poem is purely based on the culture, tradition and beauty of Tulunadu.
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Sahyadri observes World Environment Day with a Webinar on "Environment & Sustainable Development"

world_enviroment_day Sahyadri observed World Environment Day with a Webinar on "Environment & Sustainable Development" delivered byDr.Lakshmana Reddy B H, Founder, NEMMADI Foundation, on 11th June 2020.
The theme of the World Environment Day was Biodiversity. The session started by creating awareness that not only today, but every day we celebrate with our environmental consciousness, awareness and positive attitude "Live & Let Live".
The speaker Dr. Reddy,in the session briefed about Natural Environment, Industrial Environment and Social Environment. He also spoke aboutthe five elements of environment and went on to say that these are the few environments which are natural or man-made.
While briefing about the three pillars and principles of Sustainable Development, the Speaker said that slogan of Sustainable Development is "Not paper work but field work".
The Highlights of the Session:
• Clean environment and utilization of clean energy resources.
• Environmental pollutants are Natural environment pollutants, Social environment pollutants and Industrial environment pollutants.
• How to manage environmental pollutants
• How to conserve the water? Luxury v/s Need
• Water Management in Agriculture
• Water Sustainability
• Green Farming- Organic Farming,Deforestation
• Importance of fiber - De-inking of Newspaper and Cultural paper • Waste Management.
It is needless to say that it was a very informative session and also the questions are clarified.

Quote for the day

"Be bold, be courageous, be your best."
- Gabrielle Giffords


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