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Sahyadri Conclave - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, Mangaluru
Monday, May 04 2020

Glimpse of Online Classes held on 2nd May 2020

Department Count Of Classes
Basic Science 23
Civil Engineering 7
Computer Science & Engineering 15
Electronics & Communication Engineering 10
Information Science & Engineering 11
MBA 20
Mechanical Engineering 11

Safety First - Mandatory Fever Screening at Sahyadri


Prevention is better than Cure - with this mantra; Sahyadri has implemented a mandatory fever screening of all Teaching and Non-Teaching staff who enter the campus during the lockdown relaxation and as per the directives of VTU. A High Grade Infrared non-contact Thermometer is used to check the temperature of every staff entering the campus on official duty. Strict guidelines put forth by the Government, AICTE and VTU are adhered to, while permitting people into the campus. Their temperature is checked and recorded in the log book on a daily basis. Wearing mask is made mandatory and social distancing is strictly maintained at all times.

CoCubes conducts 2nd PRE-ASSESS online for the 2020 outgoing batch

A total of 187 students from the 2020 outgoing batch participated in the PRE-ASSESS® by CoCubes on 1st May 2020. The assessment was conducted online. CoCubes, is a scientifically designed employability test administered nationwide to Final Year Engineering and MBA candidates in a proctored environment. It provides employability related insights and job opportunities to students all over India across different job roles. So far, 1000+ companies have used CoCubes to extend more than 20,000 job offers.

Webinar on "Entrepreneurship and Start-ups”

webinar With a view to stimulate budding entrepreneurs and startups, a webinar on “Entrepreneurship and Startup” was organized by SHINE, New age incubation Network (Nain), and DTW on 3rd May’2020. The webinar was focused mainly on the entrepreneurial journey, encouragement to start-up, and also on how Networking Skills contribute to the growth of a start-up. The key speaker of the session was Mr. Umeysh Ramalingaya, Start-up Adviser and Mentor.
The key takeaways from the session were:
● Planning of Vision - Where one wants their start-up to reach in the near future.
● Startup should have a good team focusing on One common Vision.
● Gear up the mind to face uncertainties and pressure, which will to be intact to the vision and raise tall even after losing 100 times.
● Believing in your product, understanding the market values and also the product USP by maintaining an accurate business model.
● The social media plays a major role in marketing and networking which could help to increase the network of the company.
● Pitch deck would be a key factor in raising more funds, which gives an insight of what the firm has been doing till now.
● Networking and branding needs focus.
● Stay positive even during the odd times and venture into something different.

Git and Github Webinar conducted by Sahyadri Open Source Community (SOSC) in association with the CSE Department


A webinar on Git and GitHub was conducted by Sahyadri Open Source Community (SOSC) in association with the Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering on 2nd May’2020. All students from 8th semester of the department attended the event on Google Meet. The session was conducted by the GitHub Campus Experts - Mr. Akashdeep Bhagat from Computer Science & Engineering (Third year); Mr. Shashank S from Information Science & Engineering (Third year) and Mr. Swasthik Shetty from Information Science & Engineering (Second year). The webinar lasted for around one and a half hour, giving clear insights into the fundamentals of Git and GitHub. In addition to that, the necessary resources were shared with all those who attended the workshop. This was an initiative to improve the skills and knowledge of the students on Git and GitHub through an online medium during the time of the pandemic.

Faculty members of ‘Examination Reforms AICTE Quality Initiative Committee’ attend the Fourth Day of Online Course conducted by AICTE


During the final day (2nd May’2020) of the Four-Day course, following were the key takeaways of the course:
Session 1:
Prof. Prakash Tewari, Dean Academics, KLE Technological University Hubli, conducted a detailed session on understanding Graduates attributes and bringing changes in laboratory experiments. He explained about the categorization of experiments into levels of autonomy based on the types of laboratory activities such as Demonstration, Exercise, Structured enquiry, Open-ended enquiry and Project. He also explained the structured and open ended enquiry with an example from control systems laboratory. He mentioned that rubrics for evaluation of laboratory experiments must be properly defined and explained to the students during the first week of the semester.
Session 2:
Prof. Prakash Tewari facilitated the second session on the topic “Improving Structure and Quality of Assessment” by explaining the attributes of 21st-century engineers and employer's expectations. He said that in the present examination system, memorization occupies a dominant place and assessment processes must also treat higher-level abilities. He spoke about Course Assessment Plan, Model Question Paper Structure, Quality Matrix, Outcome Alignment matrix, Performance Indicators etc. He also explained how to relate the questions with the Cognitive level and Performance Index by taking several examples. The session ended by answering the queries of the participants.

Sahyadri Institute Innovation Council (IIC) organized a webinar on “Latest trends in IoT and ML-based systems”


Sahyadri Institute Innovation Council (IIC) organized a webinar on “Latest trends in IoT and ML-based systems” on 2nd May’2020 at 04:00 PM IST, towards how IoT will evolve successfully in the coming years.
Mr. Venkata Satya Sai Prasad, Managing Director, Audience Communication Systems (a US-based semiconductor company) was the resource person. Mr. Venkata Satya Sai Prasad has 30+ years of industry experience in IC design, system design and product management. Before this, he worked as a scientist with the Indian Defence R&D. He also worked as a research scholar in IITM and IISC. Currently, he is leading Audience Communications Systems in India (US-based Semiconductor Company) as the Managing Director & also mentoring two start-ups.
Dr. Ashwath Rao, Professor and Head of Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering; Dr. Anush Bekal, Vice-President & Convener, MHRDs Institute Innovation Council; Dr. Mahesh Davanageri, Internship Activity Coordinator, MHRDs Institute Innovation Council; Ms Navya Rai D, Innovation Incharge – Sahyadri IIC; Faculty members of the Institute and Students were present during the event.
In this webinar, the resource person delivered a talk about the various problems faced and opportunities in the field of IoT and ML. Students learnt that IoT is a network of physical objects embedded with electronics, software’s, sensors and network connectivity that has the ability to collect useful data and communicate with each other. The speaker put the spotlight on the data complexity and its management challenges; which was one among several problems in this field. Mr. Prasad drew the connection between IoT and Machine Learning by introducing Artificial Intelligence, which makes the hard task of handling complex and bulky data by mimicking human intelligence in an efficient way. He also informed that ML uses statistical method, where it intelligently learns from the previous data and acts accordingly. The speaker briefed us about the necessity of Cloud Computing, which makes it both easier and harder to handle data.
Dr. Manjappa Sarathi, Director R&D and President of Sahyadri IIC, has conveyed his best wishes towards all the early exposure programme and advised all the stakeholders to make the best use of it and benefit from the activities that are conducted under IIC.

Webinar on "Challenges and Opportunities in Agriculture"

opportunities_in_agriculture_webinar New Age Incubation Centre (NAIN) at Sahyadri organized a Webinar on “Challenges and Opportunities in Agriculture” on 4th May’ 2020, facilitated by Mr. Vasanth Kaje, A Techie who turned into a farmer from Mangaluru. During the webinar, he explained the various topics like Barriers to entry and Challenges in agriculture as an industry. He also spoke about the challenges he faced while switching from IT profession to agriculture. Students and faculty members from different institutions, Start-up companies, Farming-related organizations were present for the session.

opportunities_in_agriculture_webinar Key Points from the Webinar:
● To take up farming, first you should know the philosophy of farming, then comes whether you can make a living, and also convince your family to take this up.
● Taking up farming is better than tech business - Farming is doing work with exercise to the body which is very much healthier than the tech job which is characterized as a desk job.
● Natural farming plays a vital role - natural fertilizer and adequate amount of fertilizers would be the growing demand for the present situation.
● Find value in the product first and then others would value the product.
● The budget that could be invested in the beginning of the venture would be around 30-40 lakhs for about 2-4 acres.
● Looking into the funding perspective, farming would give you opportunities to get into the ladder of success step-by-step.
● Being a techie helps in different aspects in agriculture as in
✔ Conceptualize farm in more professional way
✔ Continuing the venture
✔ Networking would play a vital role as well

Quote for the day

"Progress always involves risks. You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first."
-Frederick B Wilcox


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