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Sahyadrians participate & Win in TATHVA 2017, NIT Calicut

Sahyadrians participate & Win in TATHVA 2017 NIT Calicut Sahyadrians participate & Win in TATHVA 2017 NIT Calicut Sahyadrians participated in the National Level Technical Fest - TATHVA 2017 organized by National Institute of Technology Calicut. It had a wide array of events spanning all technical domains, speaker series & workshops on the hot topics from technical world which included technical events like Albatross, Death race, Aqua GT, Dirt race, Amazed, league of Machines, Hack-a-holic, The Debugger, Transpoter, Sky Scrappers, Bob the builder, MindKraft & Aqua Strike.

Sahyadrians participate & Win in TATHVA 2017 NIT Calicut In the Albatross event –There were totally 3 rounds which had participation from all over India. Students from TEAM CHALLENGERS – Akshay P N, Poorvika, Manish, Tauseef, Swaroop, Shubham, Shamanth, NandaKumar, Meghana, Pranamya, Rajmunni, Rakshith, Shameer, Abhinaya, Rashmitha, Preethesh & Pratham Won first prize.

In the event Mindkraft – There were 2 rounds and Tyag S P and Darren N Revelan from first year won third prize. List of Students who participated in the various events
Students from First year
Tauseef Ahmed Prinston Neil
Preethesh B Jaison D Souza
Likith R Darren N Revelan
Sandeep Jat Aakash Suvarna
Shrikanth M S Pratham Panambur
Tyag S P Manish S
Shravya K B Sudharshan
Vaishnavi V P Niranjan sharma
Prayag Raj Singh Swaroop A C
Shree Deeksha Sushmitha M K
Vidhisha Shetty Sneha Vijay A
Rashmitha Poorvika
Abhinaya Rheona
Students from Second year
Meghana N shetty Ann V mariya
Nithin M Shamanth Gowda
Abdul  Shameer Shubham
Students from Third year
Rakshith Karumbaiah Pranamya A Y
Rajmunni Hombal Akshay P N
Chaitra Lakshmi Aravindh
Student from fourth year
Nanda Kumar
Prof. Probid J Pannikan and Prof. Midhun Jyothis were the Mentors for these students.

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