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Monsoon camp hosted by DTLabz

Monsoon-camp-hosted-by-DTLabz During the Day 3 of Monsoon Camp, the theme was to explore the Maker in every child. Mr. Johnson Tellis showed the campers how to assemble a robot. The objective of this activity was to encourage campers to show interest towards science, understand the concepts and make projects. Mr. Gautham Nayak facilitated a session on designing visiting cards and make power point presentation using Canva software. Further, Mr. Sujay demonstrated how to edit a video using Video studio Corel X10. In a session on - “Why Presentation?”, Mr. Johnson Tellis enlightened the campers as to why presentation is important and how to present one’s self in front of the audience. The day concluded with playing Dodge Ball.

During the Day 4, the theme was “Exploring the real you” which saw transformation in the campers. The campers were given time to prepare for their presentation where they learned how to face the audience, how to express their words through actions, to be confident and have faith in oneself. The special event was ‘Clash of Robots’ in which campers had an actual feeling of an event. The objective of this event was to learn what team spirit is, how to accept failure and be happy with the success. The joy of wining is obtained after a certain amount of failures. The camps main attraction was the presentation given by the kids without knowing the fact that their parents are actually watching it LIVE at another venue. The camp was a huge success as many of the parents gave a positive feedback and the camp concluded with a photo session.

Tomorrow at Sahyadri

CommLab is visiting Sahyadri on the 29th of October 2017 to conduct campus recruitment drive for 2018 batch of engineering students.

Commlab India is a global e-learning company that has been providing custom learning solutions to more than 100 organizations in 30+ countries. CommLab India was started in 2000 with a vision to empower people and businesses worldwide with great learning- any time, any place and on any device. CommLab India has been offering technology-enabled learning solutions that transformed the way organizations trained their workforce since the last 17 years.

Feedback from the Buzz Readers

Congratulations to the Sahyadri students on winning the Tathva 2017 held at NIT Calicut.

Prof. Pooja Yashwanth Rai
Department of Business Administration

Quote for the day

"The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values"
- Jean Piaget

Customer XPs Software Pvt Ltd conduct Campus Recruitment Drive

Customer-XPs-Software-Pvt-Ltd-conduct-Campus-Recruitment-Drive Customer XPs Software Pvt Ltd.,visited Sahyadri to conduct Campus Recruitment Drive for the Engineering students of 2018 batch. 63 Students attended the drive. The results are awaited.

Guest talk for Mechanical Students

Guest-talk-for-Mechanical-Students Mr. Naveen Nazareth spoke to the students of third year Mechanical Engineering on work culture in an Industry / Company. He explained about the production, Quality, R&D Departments and also on handling Technical and Management difficulties in a company.
He spoke on opportunities in Germany for students who are seeking to work in industries. He encouraged students to have an aim in life and to keep working until the goal is reached. "No shortcut for Success, Hard work is a must". Naveen Nazareth graduated from TU Berlin and currently placed in Siltronic AG located in Burghausen, Germany. He worked as a Project and Maintenance Engineer for 20 months at Jindal Steel Works Limited. Out of 8 months of his internship experience, 5 months has been in Germany & the remaining 3 months in India.

Guest Lecture for MBAs - “Impact of Psychology on Learning & Development”

Guest-Lecture-for-MBAs---“Impact-of-Psychology-on-Learning-&-Development” Prof. Sandra Lobo, Head of Department-Psychology, School of Social Works, Roshni Nilaya, Valencia, Mangaluru, addressed the second year MBA HR students on the topic “Impact of Psychology on Learning & Development”. She briefed the students on the linkage of Psychology and Learning & Development and also stated the various models of Learning. She gave several real life examples to emphasize the importance of the subject and urged the students to nurture their people skills to become a successful HR Professional. In her session, she also spoke on the influence of the age factor on the learning cycle. She advised students to follow conventions and ethics throughout their career and pursue it with passion and endless learning. The session was concluded with a brief question & answer. Students were overwhelmed by the knowledge of the speaker & thanked her for her insightful presentation.

Sahyadri Talent

Ms. Sinchana Deva of first semester, Computer Science & Engineering Branch is a multi-talented student. She has won ‘Rashtrapathi Guide Award’ held at Davangere in the year 2016 felicitated by the ‘President of India’ and ‘Rajya Puraskar Award’ in the year 2015 felicitated by Governor of Karnataka. She has also secured ‘Senior Grade’ in Bharatnatyam in the year 2014 conducted by Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board.
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