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Sahyadri Conclave - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, Mangaluru
Friday, April 24 2020

Faculty and Students of Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering attend Live Session

webinar Faculty and Students of Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering attend a Live Session on "Overview of 5G technology and 5G Test bed work at IIT- Madras". The session was aired live on Youtube on 23rd Apr’2020 as part of NPTEL Special Series at 6.00pm. Prof. Radha Krishna Ganti, IIT-Madras, involved in the development of test bed for 5G in India was one of the key resource persons. The session involved 5G development and deployments, building 5G ecosystem, evolving test beds, wireless expertise needed. The major goals of 5G test beds was to enhance capacity in 5G technology skills and R&D capability to develop 5G based solutions for Indian markets. The overall system of final end to end testing and application of the indigenously built test bed set up was explained briefly in the session. Different topics ranging from Massive MIMO, Millimeter Wave, UE oriented design were also discussed.
Here is the link:

Glimpse of Online Classes held on 23rd April’2020


Department Count of Classes
Basic Science 13
Civil Engineering 23
Computer Science & Engineering 21
Electronics & Communication Engineering 29
Information Science & Engineering 15
MBA 33
Mechanical Engineering 21

Ramadan Starts

ramadan Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year in the Islamic culture. Muslims observe the month of Ramadan, to mark that Allah, or God, gave the first chapters of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad in 610, according to the Times of India. During Ramadan, Muslims fast, abstain from pleasures and pray to become closer to God. It is also a time for families to gather and celebrate.

Quote for the day

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."
-Mark Twain


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