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Sahyadri Conclave - Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, Mangaluru
Monday, April 27 2020

MBA Faculty Members attend Online FDP on “Create an Impact in Online Teaching”

webinar webinar

With the increased need to impart Education through online platforms due to the current crisis situation and lockdown, MBA Faculty members attended an Online Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on “Create an Impact in Online Teaching” held on 26th Apr’2020. It was a 3 hour-programme facilitated by Mr. Ramani Venkat who is into Training and associated with more than 70 colleges, mentoring 6 start-ups and also a Sales Strategy Consultant for 3 companies right now.
Key Takeaways from the session to Break Monotony and Bring Continuity in E-Classes:
• Self-Transformation – That is the only change we can do • Introduction to the various online platforms – WebinarJam, Webex, Zoom, GoTo Meeting, TeamViewer, Skype and so on
• Use of Table Lamp, Descent Camera, Microphone and Earphone is a Must.
• Voice Level should be atleast 20% higher than in Classroom
• Students focus more in Online Classes hence capitalize this opportunity and engage them well
• 3X (3 Times more) efforts for Virtual Classroom
• Animations to be used in the PPT
• Light Coloured Background of PPT and increase the slide counts while doing online class
• Show videos, conduct activities and put students to think

Webinar on ‘Setting up Organic Farm and Benefits of Organic Farming’ by Soorja Purushothaman, Kerala’s youngest organic farmer

guest_lecture The Honeybee Network Innovation Club Sahyadri (HNIC) and Centre for Social Innovation at Sahyadri (CSIS) organized a Webinar on “Setting up an Organic Farm and the benefits of Organic Farming” facilitated by Mr. Sooraj Purushothaman, Kerala’s youngest organic farmer on 23rd April’2020. Mr. Sooraj Purushothaman addressed the need for organic farming at a time when farmers are adopting modern chemical methods to produce larger yield. While educating on the scope and importance of organic farming, Mr. Sooraj shared ideas on how students could also set up an organic farm and addressed suitable ways of starting and expanding the reach of the farm as it progresses.
He also discussed about the emerging trends in agriculture like Hydroponics and Aquaponics and encouraged use of these techniques that have eased the lives of farmers. He also gave inputs on organic manure, the advantages of compost over chemical fertilizers and also the right ways to implement technology into the sector.
A millennial himself, Mr. Sooraj also plans on implementing technology in farms to reduce intervention of middlemen reducing profits. Addressing the marketing problems faced by farmers and the dependency on agents to reach customers, he highlighted the need for a better supply chain and uncovered an opportunity for collaborative engineering ideas that could aid farmers create more impact.

Glimpse of Online Classes held on 25th Apr’2020


Department Count of Classes
Basic Science 16
Civil Engineering 6
Computer Science & Engineering 10
Electronics & Communication Engineering 10
Information Science & Engineering 7
MBA 19
Mechanical Engineering 17

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