The Library being the most important part of the education system is the hub of all the activities in the Campus. Much care is taken to provide the best of the best facilities in the library to motivate the students and the faculty members to make use of the facilities. Library consists of central library and departmental libraries which collectively support the educational needs of all the programs, innovative research and collaborative activities. The Library and information centre of the college has kept pace with emerging challenges, perhaps one of the best technical libraries in the state. The state of the art library stretches over 1050 square meters with the capacity to accommodate 400 students at a time and it is enabled with Wi-Fi technology and security systems with Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV). The library uses the automation software Libsys for the library operations with fully barcoded and provided web enabled OPAC services throughout the campus. Its collection of Books 45000+ volumes with 8000+ titles, 90+ printed technical journals and more than 13000+ e-journals/e-books are used by more than 3500 members including students, staff, alumni’s and visitors. The Library is also an active member of VTU Consortium, DELNET and National Digital Library of India (NDLI) Club.

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