A Building of a corpus fund is important, in order to ensure smooth sustenance of an organisation. If a sizeable corpus exists, the core activities of the organisation can still continue in the period when grants and external help are not available. Sahyadri Corpus Fund seeks to identify, inform, create interest and involve alumni, parents, businesses, professionals, and friends in building up a strong financial base for the purpose of extending support to young talents to achieve their dreams without any financial constraints. It is hoped that through this process, potential donors will recognize that their involvement and ultimately their financial support is a critical link in the life of a student.

  • To promote excellence and innovation within the academic programmes at the college
  • To serve as ambassadors in the community to promote the goals of the college
  • To seek support from individuals, business fraternity, institutions and associations to ensure educational opportunity for residents in the community
  • To develop the best human resource for research activities in the Institution
  • To develop Centres of Excellence in the specialized field of new technology and system management
  • To provide Financial Assistance to Fundamental Research in Engineering, Science and Management Science
  • To develop infrastructure for the growth of research activities
  • To enter into an MoU with centres of higher learning in the related fields of research

The Corpus Fund will be a capital amount maintained as a fixed deposit in a nationalized bank and only the accrued interest and returns will be utilized for the set objectives.

  • Meritorious students for innovative entrepreneurship
  • Needy people who are economically weak
  • Encouraging higher studies in research
  • Innovative projects
  • Health related research works
  • Participating in National and International research conferences
  • Alumni who intend to go for research
  • Permanent constructive innovative projects
  • Organize or conduct mega events in innovative and research fields
  • To encourage the students to involve themselves in research activities
  • Establishing centers of excellence in the field of research
  • Innovative project works

The Sahyadri family members and relatives are an added source of strength for the Corpus Fund as they can expand the working sphere of the Corpus Fund and contribute directly to the Corpus Fund and also create awareness among the well-wishers and the general public who would like to contribute to such a cause.

President President of Bhandary Foundation
Member Secretary Director of Sahyadri Educational Institutions
Members Principals of all Sahyadri Colleges
  Finance Officer
Parent Representative
Industry Leaders
Research Scholar Representatives
Alumni Representatives
Student Representatives
Representative from Bhandary Foundation
  • As a Student: Your tiny birthday contribution as a gift for the Fund or a small contribution from the weekend avoidable parties will go a long way in building the Fund. Any penalty paid by the students shall also be deposited into the Corpus Fund.
  • As an Alumni: You can remember the institute in a special way on your birthdays, anniversary, a change of job, on your annual increment or promotion day.
  • As Parents: The institution is fostering your child or has turned him/her into a professionally and technically qualified respectable individual. You can contribute on any good day in your family; either a child's birthday, marriage or on any anniversary celebrations.
  • As philanthropists donating to a corpus fund is one way to strengthen the bolsters on which the institution rests on.
Name of the Bank Account "Sahyadri Corpus Fund"
Account Number 3448101000279
Bank Canara Bank
Branch Sahyadri Campus, Adyar, Mangalore - 575007