Overview Of Chemistry

Rapid advancement in the field of medicine, military, space technology, communication, automobile industry, liquid crystals nanotechnology, etc are the areas which illustrate the growth of technology. The necessary input for the growth of technology is provided by the scientific research. Hence, a student of engineering shall have a sound basic knowledge of Chemistry and Physics of materials available or synthesized. A blend of Science and Technology is of a need for the hour.
Chemistry is the science that deals with the composition of materials, their structures and properties, the transformations they undergo, and the energy changes that accompany these transformations. The goal of engineering chemistry department is to provide broad as well as fundamental knowledge of theoretical, applied and experimental chemistry to the budding engineers to enable them to embark on professional careers of their choice. Therefore, Chemistry as Engineering Chemistry has become an integral part of Technical education.


Foster the fundamental principles of chemistry in engineering applications to achieve excellence in research and innovation.  


 Promoting excellence in technical education and scientific research through the effective use of Chemistry in real-time engineering problems through a synergistic combination of teaching and research.

Teaching Faculty of Chemistry Dept

# Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Dr. M B Savitha Associate Professor & Head BSc,M.Sc,Ph.D
2 Mrs. Sharada Priyadarshini Rai Asst. Professor BSc,M.Sc,
3 Mrs. Sandhyashree Rohith Asst. Professor BSc,M.Sc,

Adjunct Faculty

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Thrust Areas

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Faculty Publications of Chemistry Dept

Dr. M B Savitha

International Journals:

No of International : 2

  • Synthetic, Infrared, 1H and 13C NMR Spectral Studies on

N-(2/3/4-Substituted Phenyl)-2,4-Disubstituted Benzenesulphonamides,

2,4-(CH3)2/2-CH3-4-Cl/2,4-Cl2C6H3SO2NH(i-XC6H4) (i-X = H, 2-CH3, 

3-CH3, 4-CH3, 2-Cl, 3-Cl, 4-Cl, 4-F, 4-Br)

Savitha M. B. and Basavalinganadoddy Thimme Gowda

  • Investigation of structural and luminescence properties of Ho3+ doped YAlO3 nanophosphors synthesized through solution combustion route

Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy

Volume 115, November 2013, Pages 234–243


Conference of Chemistry

Dr. M B Savitha

National Conference

No of National Conference: 5

  • Modern trends in science & technology, 2011 national conference at MVSIT
  • National Conference, NCSEA-2014 organized by Departments of Science, St. Joseph Engineering College, Vamanjoor.

Mrs. Sandhyashree Rohith

National Conference

No of National Conference: 4

  1. National level conference at gaovindas degree college mangalore on advance of electrochemistry ,July2013.
  2. national conference on"Materials for energy storage and sensing"at Joseph college and research center,Bangalore on 12 and 13 feb,2015.
  3. Presented a paper titled “Evaluation of effects of the sewage water on alkaline phosphates activity in Koi carp fish , NCSEA-2014 organized by Departments of Science, St. Joseph Engineering College, Vamanjoor
  4. Presented a paper titled “Feasibility study of reactions of 8-hydroxy quinoline and 7-chloromethyl-8-hydroxy quinoline with various amines” in a National Conference, NCSEA-2014 organized by Departments of Science, St. Joseph Engineering College, Vamanjoor.
  5. Recent advances  in chemical sciences(RACS-15)at St.Agnes college mangalore on december 17 and 18,2015.

Dr. M B Savitha

International Conference

No of National Conference: 1

  • International Conference, Recent trends in Science & technology, 2014 at FMKMC, madikeri

Mrs. Sharada Priyadarshini Rai

International Conference

No of National Conference: 1

Ammonium Oxalate as a masking agent for the complexometric determination of Manganese(II) in a International Interdisciplinary conference on the frontiers of Crystallography (IICFC-2014) held at FMKMC College, Madikeri


Workshop/Seminars Of Chemistry

Faculty Members Attended Workshop/Seminars

Mrs. Sandhyashree Rohith

1.faculty development program on "building technology ventures at SCEM adyar from 31st aug to 2nd sep 2013

2."feel teacher " 3 days workshop at SCEM  conducted by college for leadership and human resource development from 26th july to 28th July2013

3.faculty development programme on holistic process in teaching learning using NLP techniques at SCEM on 20th january 2014

4.Workshop on "work ethics and self esteem at CODP hall ,Paduva college on 19th and 20th January 2015.

5."Research  workshop for doctoral candidates" at SCEM adyar.

6.Workshop entitled "intellectual property significance for academic in business and Research"held on 22nd 2015 at SCEM campus Adyar.

Achievements Of Chemistry




Dr. M B Savitha

  • "Studies on sorption properties of some selected biopolymer gels modified biopolymer gels in water treatment application”



Laboratories Of Chemistry

Laboratory Details not Found.

Non-Teaching Staff of Chemistry Dept

# Name Designation Qualification
1 Ms.Ramya Kumari Instructor B.Sc.
2 Mrs. Namitha Helper S.S.L.C