Every individual is unique and possesses a certain special talent. To express his talent and take it to greater height, the individual required ample opportunity, facility and encouragement. The department of Art & Culture strives to identify talents of the students and also induce them to participate in the extracurricular activities and thus boost up Art, Literature and Culture in the College.

Kannada Rajyotsava and Inauguration of Sinchana-2019







As Karnataka state celebrates 63 years of glory, Sahyadri too had a shining fervour added to it, by inaugurating Sinchana-2019 on 1st Nov’19. The Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Vittal Nayak, Asst. Teacher, Government Higher Primary School, Kalladka. Dr. Srinivasa Rao Kunte, Principal, Mr. Devdas Hegde, Trustee - Bhandary Foundation and Prof. S.S. Balakrishna, Vice Principal also graced the function.

Mr. Vittal Nayak of Geetha Sahitya Sambrama fame is a great orator, a man whose wisdom is unmatched. In his inaugural address, he highlighted the importance of Kannada literature. He spoke about the rich heritage of Karnataka, its vibrancy and importance of Kannada language being promoted. This will indeed make our state proud and shine always, he added vehemently.
Mr. Nayak appreciated Sahyadri for celebrating Karnataka Rajyotsava to break the myth of English being superior to Kannada. Every language has its own strength, he stated.

While speaking on Comparison and Competition, Mr. Nayak said that parents often compare their children with other children. Students in a bid to do better, try to compete and often end up doing something drastic to their lives. This is a dangerous trend he argued and urged students to come out of it. Do not get carried away with the 3M's - Media, Mobile and Motorbike. Give importance instead, to the 4F’s; Follow the Master, Face the Devil, Fight till the End and Finish the Game.

Mr. Nayak stressed on the importance of Relationships. In the past, he said human relationships were valued and importance was paid to proper usage of things, put at one’s disposal. But sadly today, the game has reversed. We use the relationships because of our love for material things. Break, therefore, the present trend of ‘Love the Things and Use the Relationships’, he said. Give attention to the 3 Fs viz. Family, Friends and Faith. Where friends are concerned, indulge in robust relationships.

Furthermore, Mr. Nayak urged the audience to respect professions of whatever caliber. Above all, respect the soldiers safeguarding our borders, so that we may lead a secure life. Just imagine, he pointed out, what would happen to us if the soldiers put down their weapons even for a second? Mr. Nayak concluded by sharing the importance of the 3S’ viz. Soul, Service and Smile. Be true to your soul and serve with a smile. Give importance to 3H’s viz. Health, Hygiene and Hobby. Have hobbies he urged, because it can help you create a bond with others.

Dr. Srinivasa Rao Kunte, Principal, requested the audience to uphold the essence of Kannada and do not let it die. Mr. Devdas Hege, Trustee, in his speech said that Sahyadri has been giving encouragement to extra-curricular activities along with academics and wished all participants Good Luck. The inaugural programme was followed by an array of cultural and colourful variety programmes.

73rd Independence Day Celebrations

The 73rd celebration of our Independence Day was viewed with joy and pride by the staff and students of Sahyadri. Mr. Ashith B hegde, Managing Director-Arkieva Asia Pacific, Chief Guest, hoisted the national flag after which the gathered students, faculty members and the staff sang the national anthem with pride. The Student Council of Sahyadri was then introduced to the guest by Prof. Balakrishna SS, Vice-Principal

Ashith is leading the Arkieva Asia Pacific business in Mangaluru. Prior to this, he worked at Arkieva headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. His area of expertise includes demand management, inventory planning, investment analysis and KPI reporting using Arkieva Software. He has experience of 12 years in this field. Ashith has a Master of Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Supply Chain and Operations Management from the University at Buffalo, New York. He is also certified in Production & Inventory Management . While addressing the gathering, Ashith, expressed how privileged he felt to be invited for this grand occasion at Sahyadri. He appreciated the celebration at grand scale for the huge number of students and faculty gathered during the ceremony. He shared his perspective of how he looks at Independent India in 3 stages – 1947, 1991-92 and the current period of Advancement in Technology and Business and how India is growing economically. He urged students to follow their passion, enhance their networking capability and be part of the Economic growth of India. Money is not everything, it’s important to follow one’s dream and that’s why he returned to India in order to contribute to India’s Economy. He said it’s a great feeling of accomplishment. 

Post his talk, the National Song – ‘VandeMataram’ was sung which instilled the essence of Unity is Strength. The Achievers of 2018-19 in extracurricular activities like Sports, Cultural & Scouts & Guides were felicitated on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day.Mr. Manjunath Bhandary, Chairman was also present during the celebration..

Staff Cultural Programme