The Campus has a separate hostel section for girls and boys located within the premises under the management of Hostel Committee. The committee is headed by the Chief Warden, assisted by the two In-charge wardens, thereby looking after the day to day aspects of the hostel management. Each hostel has a Resident Warden who is responsible for the discipline, maintenance of building, allotment of rooms etc. The hostel staff consists of caretakers other attendants and maintenance staff.

Nature of the Room Fee per Student/per Year
3 & 4 - SHARING Rs. 90,000/-
TWIN SHARING Rs. 1,00,000/-

TWIN SHARING (with attached bathroom) Rs. 1,10,000/-

SINGLE OCCUPANCY (with attached bathroom) Rs. 1,20,000/-

SINGLE OCCUPANCY (AC + with attached bathroom) Rs. 1,50,000/-

The above Fee structure is applicable for a year and is inclusive of accommodation and mess charges. Payment of fees could be done in two installments.

Amenities / Facilities offered at the Hostel

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Lounge - Open space for Reading
  • Library
  • Bakery
  • Cot with Mattress (Kurlon)
  • Study Table with Chair
  • Cupboard
  • 24*7 Power Backup
  • Hot Water provision
  • Gym (Closed and Open air)

Rules & Regulations

  • Hostel inmates are not allowed to indulge/support any act of ragging.
  • Any activity of the student creating willful damage to the credibility of the institute through passing of information via any media viz facebook whats app etc., is liable to be dealt under cyber crime . Also instigating any group activity in the college is liable for rustication from the college.
  • Detained students are not allowed to continue in the hostel.
  • Students before going for vacation should hand over the key to wardens for maintenance purpose.
  • Students once admitted in the hostel should continue for a period of one year. No refund of rent will be given if they vacate the hostel in the middle of the academic year.
  • Students must ensure that they sign in the attendance register by the stipulated time.
  • When a resident wishes to leave the station on vacation/holiday or otherwise, he/she must make necessary entry in STAY OUT REGISTER, available with the Caretaker/Matron/ Wardens.
  • It is mandatory to record departure/return time and place to which they are going and phone no.
  • Wardens/Caretakers will go around the blocks between 10 P.M. to 6 A.M. to check if any rooms are locked. The rooms which are found locked will be entered in the daily report book and students staying in those rooms will be treated as absent from the hostel and their parents will be informed on phone. The bill for the same will be charged to the students and a fine may also be imposed.
  • All students are advised to carry their identity card all the time and the authority letter to remain outside the campus in case there is any necessity to move out of the campus at night.
  • The warden or the management is not responsible for any loss of personal items in the Hostel, though utmost care & security arrangement is pressed. Any such incident should immediately be brought to the knowledge of the warden and management in turn.
  • In case a resident falls sick, he/she must immediately inform the Caretaker/Matron who will arrange for the vehicle for doing the needful.
  • Allocation of rooms in the hostel is as per the discretion of the warden .
  • All students are required to use all the utility services sparingly. Viz: water, electricity. Students are expected to switch off the switches when not in use.
  • Students are responsible for safeguarding hostel property and will be held responsible for any damage to fan, furniture, fittings & fixtures, boards and vessels.
  • The damage charges will be recovered from students without any leniency.
  • No day scholars, visiting guests, friend & relatives are permitted to the rooms. Every visitor shall make his visit’s entry on the master register maintained by the security.
  • Exhibiting obscene posters, pictures & captions on wall, boards or at any hostel premises will be dealt seriously.
  • Students are not permitted to use any gas, stove, burners, electrical coils or any electrical equipment in the rooms.
  • Possession or hiring of two wheeler or four wheelers, parking them at the campus is strictly prohibited to hostel inmates.
  • Students moving out of the main gate of the hostel should make the entry in the movement register of the Hostel.
  • Student those wishing to go on short leave or vacation leave should apply in writing and obtain the permission in time.
  • Students are not permitted to keep costly and valuable items in the room.
  • The Hostel authority, The College or the management will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or missing items of the students.
  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited. If anyone is found indulging in the same will be terminated immediately without any notice.
  • Students are expected to wear proper dress in the hostel, mess and around the area.
  • Students are prohibited to posses any type of weapon like knife, pistol, sword etc.
  • Students should not organize any functions, demonstration, and picnic without specific permission of the management.

Students shall strictly adhere to the hostel timing as scheduled below

Returning Time to Hostel 6:00 PM Girls    |    7:00 PM Boys
Breakfast 7:30 AM - 8:15 AM
Lunch 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Tea 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Dinner 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Night Study Time 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM