New Age Incubation Network - Mangaluru

The Government of Karnataka, Department of IT, BT and S&T has sanctioned NAIN centre to Sahyadri college of Engineering & Management, based on the Infrastructure facilities available and other Research and Innovation activities conducted by the college.

The New Age Incubation Centre at Sahyadri, was inaugurated by Shri Gaurav Gupta, IAS, Principal Secretary to Government, Dept. of IT, BT and Science & Technology, Govt. of Karnataka in the August presence of Nobel laureates; Ada E. Yonath and Serge Haroche , who are in the college to attend the Science, Technology and Management Conclave and Mr. Manjunath Bhandary, Chairman, Sahyadri College. The inauguration was presided by Prof. K.U.M Rao, Director – NITK Surathkal, Prof. Byrappa, Honorable VC of Mangalore University.

The center shall focus on igniting the young minds and provide the necessary infrastructure and mentoring to take the concepts of the students from idea to POC stage and then give them the necessary guidance and provide the platform to become successful entrepreneurs.

Under the New Age Incubation Network, students are encouraged to identify local problems and address those using concepts of frugal innovation, and to develop appropriate technology-based solutions and working prototypes. Sahyadri NAIN centre shall provide mentors assigned to the students to help them to formulate a business model based on this new technology and encourage them to think like entrepreneurs. The presence of start-ups and other industries like RDL, Caliper, Aptra Technologies, DTZ, Dreamers and many more are helpful in molding the innovative ideas of students at Sahyadri Campus.

An exclusive office space with 15 work stations, 24/7 internet connectivity and power has been set-up for NAIN. The projects which get shortlisted shall receive a funding of Rs.3 lakhs for the development of the POC. For each of the project, there shall be a faculty from the concerned department and an industry expert to guide the students in developing the prototype and making the product commercially viable. This support is provided by the Government of Karnataka upto 3 years in the beginning and extendable for another 2 years based on performance, later the center should function on its own.


Empowering and Transforming student ideas and concepts to become successful business enterprises.


We continuously strive to encourage new innovative ideas from students and provide a strong platform, mentorship, infrastructure and transform innovative concepts to become successful products


● The main objective of NAIN Scheme is to encourage students, research scholars and alumni to share their ideas to solve chosen problems which are locale centric and to validate, Refine and Nurture the ideas.

● Incubation Center shall provide an ecosystem to convert the ideas in proof of concept and upgrade them to a level of commercial value.

●  After successful incubation, encourage and lead the teams towards setting up a Business enterprise.

Pipeline and Support provided at NAIN


The new trend in engineering education is project based learning,that has significant edge over the traditional paper based learning when it comes to application of engineering concepts.Innovation and research has proven that students gain significant knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to complex questions ,problem or challenge.Sahyadri College of Engineering & management to be trend setter in engineering education and hence adopted the project based learning by supporting innovation.

Social Innovation Project(SIP): It is to motivate the students in the area of social innovations thus providing hands-on experience and practical exposure to solve socially relevant problems. The engineers should have solution- ready kits to solve problems that the society faces & thereby developing an ideal environment to evolve. Furthermore, to meet the new and existing market requirements, Innovation is the application to find better solutions. Moreover, students with creative ideas and those who have the potential to move projects from research to development are encouraged in this platform provided. These experimental ideas are mentored and guided by the faculty members and industry personnel.

Sahyadri Student Project Support Scheme (SPSS): is mainly initiated to impart project based learning from day one of Engineering. This scheme is driven by the concept of Project-to-Product on completion of engineering courses, with funding support from the college management. Nearly 500-600 projects under this scheme are being done by our students.

Sahyadri Science Talent Hunt (SSTH): is an event conducted to motivate the PUC (10+2) students towards innovation and creativity with participants of more than 10,000 students from 56 colleges across Karnataka, and over 400 student’s projects are funded by the college management.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell(E-Cell): The Entrepreneurship Cell commonly known as SE-Cell, here at Sahyadri Campus is mainly Focused on energizing the students as well as faculty by creating Awareness on the Development of Startup's. The Sahyadri Entrepreneurship Cell (SE-Cell) aims to ignite the creative thinking of students towards innovation and thereby mentor them to become successful entrepreneurs by providing the right entrepreneurial ecosystem. It will act as an incubator and provide students necessary infrastructure, mentoring and resources in making them successful business set-ups.

Other Events: Sahyadri also conducts various types of other events like Infusion, Dreamathon, Hackathon, Ideation, Business pitching events which allows the students of other colleges to showcase their innovation and creativity. Students with innovative ideas are selected and mentored, thereby developing an ideal environment for them to grow. Moreover, students with creative ideas and those who have the potential to move projects from research to development are encouraged and funded from the programs and events mentioned above. The best of the projects are selected to the NAIN/MSME for the Pre Incubation. The Pre Incubation involves proof of concept grants and providing fellowships. Furthermore, physical and virtual incubation and mentoring is also provided.

Through this various initiative the top 20 projects will be selected to the new age incubation network to submit the final proposals.

The following are the support provided by NAIN to the Innovators

Pre-Ideation workshops and Activities: NAIN Center will conduct many activities related to entrepreneurship and innovation to provide learning and support for the students or the incubated startups.

Mentoring support: Mentoring helps the incubators and students with innovative ideas in finding the right path. Mentors with experience of working in different companies take part in this initiative where they help the young entrepreneurs in growing their start-up.

Incubation support : The Incubation center will provide office space, infrastructure, resources, guidance on intellectual property rights, mentoring assistance and other resources to the start-ups.

Startup support : Start-up at Sahyadri will focus on the holistic approach of building a complete understanding about startups and entrepreneurship journey through various perspectives and connects all relevant and related resources and tools for further self-learning and to turn them into action.

The following are the activities performed by NAIN:

  • PRE-IDEATION WORKSHOPS: In the month of November, 2017, as part of SSTH program at Sahyadri, various colleges and schools were invited to showcase their innovative ideas. The focus was to recognize the projects which have a social impact or add value to the society. The participation was tremendous and based on the outlines and scoring standards as per NAIN policy, final 10 projects have been shortlisted for proposing to NAIN out of total of 22 projects.

  • MENTORING: Mentoring helps the incubators and students with innovative ideas in finding the right path. Mentors with experience of working in different companies take part in this initiative where they help the young entrepreneurs in growing their start-up.

  • INCUBATION: The Incubation center will provide, office space, infrastructure, resources, guidance on intellectual property rights, mentoring assistance and other resources to the start-ups.

  • START-UP: Start-up at Sahyadri will focus on the holistic approach of building a complete understanding about startups and entrepreneurship journey through various perspectives and connects all relevant and related resources and tools for further self-learning and to turn theory into action.


Rustathon 2018


Rustathon2k18, the first ever event based on RUST programming language in Mangalore was organized by Mozilla community in association with New Age Incubation Centre and Sahyadri Hub of Innovation Centre and Entrepreneurship [SHINE] on 10th of February 2018 at Sahyadri Campus. This event is a part of MozActive campaign of mozilla. Rust is a system programming language important for the future of the web. It runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults and guarantees thread safety.The Speakers for the events were Mehul Patel, Rep mentor, Campus.

Advisory Committee Mozilla and Krishna Kumar T, Rust Developer, Thought Works and Jayesh KR, Mozilla Tech Speaker, Reps mentor Mozilla.Attendees can expect to learn a great deal from this workshop and were encouraged to work on projects in collaboration with Mozilla. With the power of “Rust” as a programming language they can augment their systems programming skills and achieve greater heights in the field. They will also get a chance of winning exciting goodies from hackerearth and each team will receive 100 Amazon Web Service Credits.

Main Event Partner : Mozilla in association with NAIN & SHINE Technology Partner : Amazon web services Innovation.

Partner: Hackerearth.

Media Partner : The Hindu Newspaper.


GAME JAM 2k18, 24 hr Hackathon event organized by the Sahyadri E-Cell in collaboration with Department of Information Science &, Engineering in association with Juego Studio, Students Technical Association of Information Science & Engineering (STAISE) in association with NAIN was inaugurated by Mr. SumanBalakrishna, CEO Juego Studio and Mr. Abhijith Shetty, VP – Delivery, Juego Studio.

Principal and Dr. Shamanth Rai, HOD, Dept. of Information Science & Engineering. In his inaugural address, Mr. Suman gave an insight into the $45 Billion Gaming Industry. He stressed that students should develop Entrepreneurial skills to enter this industry. This was followed by a presentation about the company - Juego Studio. A total of 23 teams comprising 100 students from Sahyadri, JNNCE Shimoga, MITE Moodbidri and PACE Mangaluru are competing in the event. The winners will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- and consolation prize of Rs. 5,000.

TechVision 2018


TechVision 2018 is a one day intra- collegiate project competition which was held in the Sahyadri Campus on May 1, 2018. The main objective of this event is to inspire young minds of the engineering students by providing them a platform to demonstrate their skills and knowledge through projects . More than 710 projects including SPSS and Non-SPSS projects of BEM.Tech and MBA and VTU final year projects of B.E students were on display . More than 3000 students participated in the event demonstrating their engineering talent .TechVision 2018 was inaugurated by Mr. K. Prabhakar RaoDirector–Works. Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. , and Dr. Ramakrishna , Senior Principal Scientist , Defense Food Research Laboratory , DRDO, Ministry of Defense .Mr. K. Prabhakar Rao stressed on project management as one of the experiences to be learnt by students . He spoke about PDCA Cycle , Six Sigma and the new technologies , about the difference between innovation and invention . He stressed that the transition from one comfort zone to higher level of comfort zone is through many uncomfortable zones .Dr. Ramakrishna talked about the importance of food taken as medicine , not medicine taken as food. He spoke about diverse emerging technologies and motivated the students to take up projects.Sahyadri NAIN committee has shortlisted the top 15 projects presented during this event , which it would propose to NAIN for this year's projects.



Devhost:18 an event organised by sahyadri open source community in association with NAIN .The event started with the inauguration of SOSC ( sahyadri open source community) by swathi bavanaka and subhash konda -the speakers of the event subsequently the formal function began with Dr. UM bhushi, Principal, Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management addressing the gathering by his inspiring words followed by the words of the speaker of the day encouraging the attendees.

An interactive session was conducted by Swathi bavanaka, COO of Evie And an inspiring women Tech Speaker who spoke on UX (user experience ) The next session was conducted by Subash Konda, a software engineer II,Microsoft spoke on Modern data science .Students from various colleges actively participated in the event.

Talk on Entrepreneurship


A session on “Innovation & entrepreneurship” by TIE Bangalore was facilitated by Mr.Baliga BS, Member of TIE,Bangalore. Mr.UdayBirje,Co-Founder of Think street Technologies & Member of TIE,Bangalore chapter. Mr. Uday Birje in his sessions on“Innovation & entrepreneurship”,urged the students to be leaders rather than a follower and mentioned that through innovation and StartUp, one can lead a team and become a leader.

Dreamathon 2019


Dreamathon - Mangalore’s largest coding Hackathon was initiated by DSI- Dream Soft Innovations in association with Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, in collaboration with NAIN, Government of Karnataka, Dtlabz, and Host Zyro. It visualized events such as Code Hunt, Hackathon, Dreamathon and Gamethon, where the technocrats were provided with a wonderful opportunity to explore their ideas, their thoughts to the real world within the time limit of 30 hours.

Interactive Session on Experience Economy Driving Entrepreneurship & Innovation


A session on “Experience Economy driving Entrepreneurship & Innovation was conducted at Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management on 27th January in association with SHINE Foundation and K-tech NAIN at the zonal level by Mr. Uday Birje, Co-Founder & Director at Think street Technology and Mr. B S Baliga, Mentor for change at Atal Innovation Mission.

The session was primarily focused on conveying the message that “experiences are the new products”. The attendees were briefed about how associating an experience with a service adds additional weightage to the service and increases longevity of a start-up. Discussions were held on innovation and ideas were sparked regarding different ways to innovate. There was a discussion on the importance of start-ups and that innovations are a major part of every start-up. A deep dive was conducted on topics like The Experience Economy, Sharing Economy, Digital Economy, Co-Working Economy.

Startup India Karnataka Bootcamp yatra

The “Train the Trainer” workshop for faculty members as a part of the Boot Camp of StartUp India Karnataka Yatra organized in collaboration with K-Tech Innovation Hub, regards to E-cell Sahyadri, MHRDs Innovation Cell, GOI and New Age Incubation Network (NAIN).

Workshop on Intellectual property rights

Dr. Arun M Isloor, Professor & HOD (Dept of Chemistry) NITK, Surathkal facilitated a workshop on IPR for Faculty & Students. This is an initiative of MHRD Innovation Cell & AICTE in association with K-Tech Innovation Hub.

Webinar on fundamentals for startups


Mr.Aakarsh and Mr. Adhikar naidu was the panelist for the webinar session on fundamentals for startups. They gave insight on the mindset that one should possess to take up entrepreneurship. The process to start building your startup. Entrepreneurship cannot be taught, it can only be learnt by experiencing it. Your co-founder should have the same purpose, desire and ambition for a longer run.

Webinar on Entrepreneurship and Startups


Mr.umesh Ramalingachar was the panelist for the sessions he addressed the session on Planning vision on what one wants to see themselves in a certain position in the future. Start-ups should have good teams and everyone should be focused on the same vision. To make up your mind on some uncertain things and pressure handling to help you keep intact to your vision and come back high and raise tall even after losing 100 times. Believe in your product, understanding the market values and also the product USP by maintaining a proper business model for the venture you are in. Social media plays a major role in marketing and networking which could raise up the company networks higher. Pitch deck would be key factors in raising more funds, which gives an insight of what the firm has been doing for years now. Networking and branding is the key factor. Stay positive even during these odd times and venture into something different and keep focused and passionate to what you’re doing. Just thrive, keeping learning at the end either you win or lose, adding more value to you is much more important.

Challenges and opportunities in agriculture sector


Mr. Vasanth Kaje a techie turned agriculturist graced the webinar series by inspiring the young minds to the journey that he had taken from being in a tech business to the agriculturist today. In this world were the present generation youth don’t seem to be taking up agriculture, he told to take up farming or any job one has to be self-inspired.

Webinar on Post COVID: A positive shift


The speakers were Mr. K N Praveen who is the general manager admin Karnataka Innovation and technology society, Department of electronics, IT, BT, Science and technology, Government of Karnataka and Dr. Sandhya R Anvekar who is the program head-skilling Karnataka Innovation and technology society, Department of electronics, IT, BT, Science and technology, Government of Karnataka.


Name Designation
Dr. Rajesha S Principal
Mr. Gouse Khan M S District Innovation Associate/N-ICM
Mr. Duddela Sai Prashanth NAIN -College Coordinator
Mr. Raghav – (RDL Technologies) Local successful entrepreneurs
Mr. Sunder – (Caliper) Local successful entrepreneurs
Mr. Raghupathi Siddoji– (Aptra Technologies) Local successful entrepreneurs
Mr. Dilip Kuamr K (Shridevi Institute of Technology) Academia principal of local college
Prof. Karanam Uma Maheshwar Rao (NITK) Academia principals of local colleges
Ms. Mamatha Head / convener of alumni cell
Dr. Dasharatha P Angadi Local representative of the collegiate education dept
Mr. Johnson Tellis Local mentors in specific areas of technology / specialization
Mr. Kanwal Local mentors in specific areas of technology / specialization
Mr. Prajwal Local mentors in specific areas of technology / specialization
Invited Members All Head of Departments
Dr. Manjappa Sarathy Director R & D Sahyadri

Projects under NAIN:


Sl.No Project Title Sanctioned Amount


Trackless industrial autonomous agv with localization using LIDAR

300000 INR


Hydro phonic agriculture system

250000 INR


Dream Rover underwater fish finder

265000 INR


Developing a Novel Approach for Early Breast Cancer Detection using Computer aided Diagnosis on ODROID XU4 - Heterogeneous Multi

291000 INR


I-Sence-Human Activity Monitoring System

282000 INR


Deap Motion

290000 INR


Eco-Phone Technology. A Sustainable Alternative to RF

279000 INR



215000 INR


Freshness Analysis of Sea Fish

290000 INR


Iot enabled smart metering and control solutions for electricity and water

288000 INR


Dream Kit

250000 INR

Two Projects from Sahyadri-NAIN have secured additional funding under the Elevate-100 program of Government of Karnataka

Sl.No Project Title Sanctioned Amount


I-Sence-Human Activity Monitoring System

40,00,000 INR


Trackless Industrial Autonomous AGV With localization using LIDAR

25,00,000 INR

Startups Incubated at NAIN

Startups Incubated at NAIN


District Innovation Associate

Mr. Gouse Khan M S
TEL: 8792709789
Email: [email protected]

College Co-ordinator

Mr. Duddela Sai Prashanth
TEL: 9703333976
Email: [email protected]