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Placement and Training - CySecK's March for Secure Code

Placement and Training - CySecK's March for Secure Code

Security is not limited to few experts. Be it application developers or infrastructure specialist, knowledge in the field of security and privacy will help them create acceptable applications. With the advent of mobile, there are over 2 million apps each on Android and iOS. But an interesting fact is 55% do not make it to the platform as they would have missed the security and privacy consideration while developing the application. March For Secure Code is a month long programme on secure application coding and cybersecurity in partnership with NASSCOM, consisting of a course and a “Grand challenge” for college students.
The month-long course is scheduled to be held in March 2021, comprising of 51.5 hours of learning out of which 13.5 hours relate to theory and 38 hours of hands-on exercise. The course will be a prerequisite to the Grand Challenge. Colleges across Karnataka can register all students who are interested in coding, irrespective of their specialization.
The details about the programme is available at
For more queries, please write to
Last date for registrations: 15th February, 2021

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